Why girls’ voices are the sound of the future

Our young members tell us why young women are key to changing the world

Zoe, Digital team
16 October 2018

At Girlguiding, we believe girls’ voices are powerful and should be listened to.

And we know that girls can do anything - even change the world.

Last Thursday 11 October was International Day of the Girl. We used the day to ask our young members why they think girls and young women are important in changing the world. And how they use their voice in Girlguiding to make change.

What you have to say matters too. Find out about our campaigns and social action to start speaking out on what’s important to you.

Why young women are key to changing the world

Young women are the pioneers, caregivers, CEOs, politicians, mothers and leaders of the future, among so many other things. Therefore, it is vital that the politicians and leaders of today listen to them. We are capable of doing anything boys can do! - Dara, Action for Change, Girlguiding Ulster
Young women have the charisma and energy required to inspire others and drive a generation. They have the strength to break free from social boundaries, which will encourage change in the world. - Vicky, 17, Peer Educator, Cymru.
It’s important that we are heard and that we make our opinions known, and change things for women all around the world as well as men - Eleanor, The Senior Section member

How I use my voice in Girlguiding

Above all Girlguiding gives young women a place where they can use their voice to make a positive change in the world. I’ve seen this through taking part in the Action for Change programme and through my role as a Girlguiding delegate for the British Youth Council. In both cases I have been supported and empowered and met other inspiring young women. Emma 18, British Youth Council Delegate, Ulster
Over the last two years I’ve spent on the Advocate Panel, I’ve seen first-hand how Girlguiding members help to change the world every day. This could be through campaigns calling on the government to take action, like our campaign to end sexual harassment in schools. Girls and young women use their voices every day and it’s what makes Girlguiding so special- it brings together girls and young women from all walks of life, who stand united in speaking up and changing the world. - Maddie, 16, Advocate, South West
I use my voice in guiding to help others develop their own opinions. Ten passionate people is stronger than 1! - Katie, The Senior Section member

We want to take a moment to thank all the incredible young women who are changing the world each and every day, through day to day acts of kindness, to huge social actions.

Get involved with social action

If you’d like to get more involved in our social action work to improve the lives of young women and girls, why not take action today against period poverty and stigma. We’re asking everyone to sign our pledge to talk openly about periods. Let’s use our voices to end period shame and stigma!

Take action on period poverty and stigma