General election 2024 manifesto

We're asking the next government to meet the needs of all girls in 4 key areas.

Our election manifesto, ‘For all girls’, is what we’re asking for from the government ahead of the next general election. We’re asking the next government, regardless of party and Prime Minister, to sign up to meet the needs of all girls on the following 4 areas: 

  • Girls’ safety.  
  • Cost-of-living. 
  • Mental health.  
  • The environment.  

We’ve chosen these areas with the needs of girls and young women in mind. And they’ve been involved from day 1 in choosing what changes we’re asking for and how we’re asking for them.  

Why are we doing it?  

Charities like Girlguiding play a huge role in our society. We work to highlight social, economic and political problems, and bring them to the attention of the people in charge of making decisions. We campaign and speak out on issues that affect girls. It’s just one of the ways we try to improve the lives of girls and young women across the UK so we can continue helping all girls know they can do anything. 

Girls are a powerful force for change. All our campaigns are created and delivered with girls and rooted in our vision, mission and values, and ‘For all girls’ is no different!  

What are we asking for? 

Our manifesto is split into 4 main areas – girls’ safety, mental health, cost of living and the environment. Within these areas we’ve focused on specific ways for the next government to act on the issues that matter most to girls. From tackling fast fashion to prioritising mental health, we’re giving a voice to all girls on the issues that matter to them most.  

How can you get involved? 

We’re asking you, our members, to get involved in the next election in whatever way you feel comfortable! We encourage girls and volunteers to write to your MPs about the issues that matter to you most. That could mean learning more about your local candidates, hosting hustings (a meeting where election candidates discuss policies and answer questions from the audience) or just sharing ‘For all girls’ on social media! 

For some of our young members, this will be the first election where they can join the conversation. For others, it will be their first time voting. Check the government website for advice on how to vote.