Adventure for girls

'Girls can climb trees, roll down hills, play football, search for creepy crawlies under stones and jump in puddles just because it's fun. The world is theirs to explore.'
- Girlguiding volunteer

Girlguiding girls are fearless adventurers

We run, slide, climb, row, walk, paddle, skip and whizz our way through challenging activities. We laugh all the way and encourage each other to keep on going, ignore the mud on our faces, and never mind which of us capsizes the canoe or stumbles on the slack line.

I have never had so much fun on the water - paddleboarding, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing all in one camp. – Guide

Volunteers are with girls every (slippery) step of the way. Through leading camps, trips and unit meetings, and taking girls to our activity centres and girl-only festivals – they give girls opportunities to try all sorts of activities. Here is just a collection of the activities you should try with us, the stories of girls who already have, and the training we offer our volunteers to get adventures started.