Listening to each other

We heard from 50,000 members of our community about what they wanted for our future

In 2018 and 2019, Girlguiding asked 50,000 members of our community - girls, volunteers, staff, parents and partners - to tell us what they wanted for our future.

From this, we’ve made Girlguiding’s Strategy. It’s created from a real picture of the challenges Girlguiding’s facing, as well as its potential.

26,000 girls took part in the strategy unit meeting activities

Girls focussed on how they felt about Girlguiding and the changes they hoped for.

19,000 people took part in online research

This included girls over the age of 14, parents, volunteers and staff colleagues. People gave their opinion on key issues and picked the ones that were most important.

We used the research company YouGov

We asked over 1,000 people from outside of Girlguiding to give their feedback. This helped us check if new members would find our ideas exciting.

We travelled all over the UK

We visited camps, Little Giggle, Wellies and Wristbands and even hosted an event online.

1,000 members took part in workshops 

They answered a survey that explored the culture of Girlguiding - how we all work together as part of our community, our unwritten rules and beliefs. We thought about who we are today and who we want to be in the future.