Doing Our Best standards

Our checklists for good unit guiding

Show the world what great guiding looks like

Every week girls and young women have amazing experiences with their guiding units. We’ve created our Doing Our Best standards to help you celebrate and demonstrate great guiding in action in your unit.

We’ve worked closely with girls and volunteers to develop the standards. They pull our guidance for good quality guiding together into a set of handy checklists.

The checklists cover the Five Essentials - the principles that run through the Girlguiding programme -  and our policies and procedures. Whatever your role, everyone can use Doing Our Best checklists to help make guiding the best it can be.

  • Unit leaders and helpers: Think of Doing Our Best as a checklist that supports you to run an amazing unit. It can help you reflect and celebrate your achievements, plan for the future and decide how you’ll support each other. Be sure to involve girls in the process too.
  • Commissioners: Use the standards as topics for discussions with unit teams. Celebrate successes, share ideas and find out where units would like extra support from your district, division or county team.We’ve developed a Guiding Conversation resource to help you introduce Doing Our Best at local meetings.  
  • Trainers and mentors: Doing Our Best is a great tool for training and supporting other volunteers. It covers every aspect of good unit guiding so can be used in all types of sessions.

Take a look at the checklists below, and download a PDF or printable version of the Doing Our Best poster to use in your unit.  Hard copies are also available to order as a resource in the online shop.