Moving up a section

How your daughter can move up - from Rainbows to Brownies to Guides to Rangers or The Senior Section - as she gets older

Moving your daughter up to the next section is simple to do

When your daughter becomes old enough she'll be able to move up into the next section of Girlguiding.

Here's a guide to when it might happen:

  • Rainbows move up to Brownies aged 7
  • Brownies move up to Guides aged 10
  • Guides move up to Rangers or The Senior Section aged 14.

How to move your daughter up

When it is your daughter's time to move up then her current leader will approach you. If they don't, feel free to approach them and ask to talk about it. You can discuss which unit in the area your daughter would like to go to and which would suit your schedule best.

Once you have decided on a new unit your leader will pass your daughter's registration number onto the leader of her new unit. This leader will then add your daughter to their register.

And that's it! At the start of the next term your daughter will be fully registered in her new section and ready to continue her guiding adventure.

If your daughter is nervous to move up

Sometimes girls find moving up a section a bit daunting. If your daughter is worried then you can plan ahead with help from her leader.

  • Ask your daughter's leader for information about local units for the next section.
  • See if her leader can arrange for your daughter to visit one of their meetings, perhaps with other girls from her unit.
  • Many Rainbows, Brownies and Guides have a party at their final meeting to get them excited to move on. Check with her leader if this could be a possibility for you daughter.

Planning ahead can also help avoid your daughter getting stuck on a possible waiting list.

Help with moving section

These resources are designed to help your daughter to move section:

Talk to your daughter's leader if you think one of these resources might help her with the transition.

Moving up to Rangers or The Senior Section

Units of The Senior Section or Rangers can vary from each other. Some follow a structured programme while others meet only once a month with a more flexible structure. It's important that your daughter finds a unit that suits her, so talk to her Guide unit leader to find out more about Rangers or The Senior Section in your area.

What girls do in the next section

Get out more information about our Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger or Senior Section programme and what your daughter might get up to in her new section.