Rainbows (4-7)

What our 4–7-year-olds do, wear and the badges they earn

Rainbows welcomes all girls from 4 to 7 years old to laugh, learn and have fun in a creative safe space. 

Rainbows will laugh, sing and make a happy mess (and help clear it up!) as they choose their way through our programme of activities. 

Your child will have plenty of magic moments: they might become a time traveller, an animal tracker, a pop singer, a stargazer. It’s a wonderful world of adventure just for them

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Register a child for Rainbows

As a parent and carer, you can also join Girlguiding with your child and become a volunteer.

What do girls do in Rainbows? 

Rainbows get up to all sorts in Girlguiding. We’ll let them show you!  

Rainbows follow our programme. Around 60% of what girls do in regular unit meetings (local groups where they'll meet other Rainbows) is our programme.

It’s created with girls and full of fun, adventure and variety. Our activities for Rainbows will get your child giggling, having fun and learning how to work as a group - all while being supported by our trained volunteers. 

My favourite thing about Rainbows is the fun activities and making loads of friends.

Rainbows can... 

  • Do fun activities, play games and make friends! 
  • Learn new skills and badges in themes such as camping, communication and first aid. 
  • Go on fun local trips or adventures with the support of our trained volunteers. 
  • Or their first sleepover! 
  • They can even earn badges at home and with their friends or family!

Discover all the badges Rainbows can earn.

What Rainbows wear 

We encourage members to wear a uniform to show they’re part of the Girlguiding family. Rainbows wear a top and a pair of bottoms.  

Badges can be attached to her uniform – the promise badge, which she’ll get after making her Rainbow promise, should be on the left-hand side and all other badges can be attached where she chooses. 

Buy uniform and more from our online shop. 

What’s after Rainbows? 

After Rainbows, they can move onto Brownies, our section for girls aged 7-10, for nonstop fun, learning and adventure.


Register your child for Rainbows

Register your child for Rainbows

Register your child for Rainbows