What you can do to help

We’re all on this journey together, and we can’t achieve our ambition without you.

Everything on this page will support you to make your area of Girlguiding inclusive and welcoming.

Need to get in touch?

If you have any questions or general feedback about inclusion, you can contact [email protected]

We actively encourage you to report any incidents of discrimination, bullying or harassment. This could be something that’s happened to you, or something you’ve witnessed. We encourage you to report this, no matter how big or small you feel the incident was, or if you’re not sure what happened counts as discrimination, bullying or harassment. In line with our Anti-bullying and harassment policy, you can report any incident to [email protected]

Our equality and diversity policy and procedure also clearly sets out what equality means in guiding, what we expect from our volunteers and adult members, and what you can expect from Girlguiding.  

Explore diversity and inclusion

These activities and resources will support you to explore the ideas and issues that are raised in our plan. You can reflect on your own thoughts around the plan or use parts of our programme to help girls talk about what inclusion means to them.

Training and reflection for volunteers

Talking to girls about inclusion

We’d love you to get chatting about our ambition in your units. You might want to do this by using these unit meetings activities. You can download all of these for free so you can easily bring our plan to life in your unit. 

Our inclusion activities

  • Rainbows learn all about empathy in Fuzzy feelings. By listening to a story, they’ll see if they can tell if someone feels left out and learn how to include everyone in their fun and games. Download Fuzzy feelings.
  • Brownies become town planners in Brownie town. They’ll design their ultimate Brownie town in Sixes, and then imagine that new Brownies are arriving. What could they add to their town to make sure that any Brownie in the world would feel welcome? Download Brownie town.  
  • My support chain teaches Guides how to challenge discrimination in places that are safe to them, like their unit and school. Then, the unit will create a support chain, thinking about how they can take small actions every day to make their world a better place. Download My support chain.  
  • Allies unite! gets Rangers creating an allyship manifesto. By the end of the activity, they’ll have learnt that allyship is a journey and a commitment to small, everyday acts of inclusion as well as supporting larger campaigns for equality to create a better world. Download Allies unite!

Other inclusion-themed activities

For more activities for your unit, we recommend looking for unit meeting activities that sit in the Better together topic. You can find two activities from this topic in unit meeting activity packs 6, 7 and 8.

The Reflect skills builder will help girls explore their communities, cultures and reflect on their beliefs and values. And in the Feel good skills builder, they’ll develop healthy physical and mental wellbeing by exploring nutrition, being active, using stress management and relaxation techniques.

Girls can get creative with these interest badges at home and explore what it means to welcome everyone.

More support

Advice, activities and blogs to take the conversation further.

Stories from members