Future Girl

Make change today. For our world, tomorrow

We believe in a better world.

A world where we all look after our planet, and the animals we share it with. One where girls and young women know no limits – at school, in sport, in life. Where girls feel free to be themselves, and safe enough to enjoy the things they like doing – whatever and wherever that may be. A world where we’re confident in speaking out, and where people really listen when we do.

So we’re joining forces – as girls in Girlguiding and as friends – to make our vision a reality. As future girls, we’re a force for good. And together, we’re unstoppable.

What is Future Girl?

In 2018, we asked you to tell us about the things you really care about. About what needs to change to create a better world for girls and young women. More than 76,000 of you - from 4- to 25-year olds - shared your views. And Future Girl is the result. This is how we’ll join together – all 320,000 of us – to create changes that will make a difference to the lives of girls and young women all over the UK.

Future Girl is built around five topics that we all really care about. Explore the issues that matter to us, start a conversation with the girls you know, and stay tuned for more updates on how we can all work together to change the world.

We took a break from Future Girl campaigning when the Covid-19 pandemic began so that we could spend more time supporting members to keep doing great guiding. Now, we’re ready to get back into changing the world for the better! Keep an eye out for updates about Future Girl to come.

Start the conversation

Use our Future Girl poster pack to talk to the girls you know about the things that matter to them. The pack includes a colour poster, info sheet and a special black and white version of the poster so you can get creative with collage or colouring in!

Download the poster pack