A safe space training

Our safeguarding and safety training ensures that volunteers offer girls a safe space where they can have fun, learn and grow

Page updated: 6 June 2023

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Because we know that when girls feel safe, they feel brave enough to do things they never thought they could. 

The training will help you:

  • Understand your role in safeguarding and what to do.
  • Recognise potential safeguarding issues.
  • Understand our safety and safeguarding policies.
  • Learn about our approach to risk management and your responsibilities.
  • Discuss with other volunteers what to do.
  • Answer any questions you might have.

There are 4 levels of training. All volunteers need to undertake a safe space training related to their role. For example, if your role requires up to level 3 then you’ll need to complete levels 1, 2 and 3.

You may have your membership withdrawn if you do not complete the levels you need. Find out what happens if you haven't completed your training. If you don't know which level of training you need to do, check the information below or speak to your commissioner, or country and region office.

Download these documents to find out which levels of a safe space training are needed for specific roles.

A safe space training

A safe space level 1

A safe space level 1 is for all volunteers over the age of 18, including GO coordinators, and home contacts.

People visiting a unit once, for example an expert or community leader, don’t need to complete any training, but they should be aware of the importance of our safeguarding practices and follow the guidance and checklist found on the visitors to your meetings webpage. 

For parents on a rota at the units, you should follow the guidance on follow the guidance on involving parents.

Read more about a safe space level 1.

A safe space level 2

For leaders, assistant leaders, unit helpers, leaders in training, those attending residential events and those that need level 3 and 4. 

Read more about a safe space level 2.

A safe space level 3

Level 3 is for mentors, advisers, coordinators (except GO coordinators), licence holders on residentials, trainers, tutors, anyone leading a team of adults, and those doing level 4.

As well as at least 1 leader per unit (leader, assistant leader, leader in training) must have an in-date level 3. But we recommend that all leaders complete it.

Read more about a safe space level 3. 

A safe space level 4

For all commissioners, designates, deputies and those sharing a role, trainers delivering a safe space level 4, safeguarding lead volunteers and a safe space lead volunteers.

There may be volunteers in other roles that may find this useful, for example, contingent management and support teams leading a national contingent to international events. 

To book a virtual training visit our learning platform, or contact your country or region who offer virtual and in-person sessions. 

Read more about a safe space level 4

A safe space for under 18s

Find all the information you need on the a safe space for under 18s webpage.

After you've done the training

The levels you've completed will show in your profile on GO and on the learning platform. All levels need redoing every 3 years to make sure everyone is up to date.

For levels 1 to 3 you can complete your training anytime within the 180 days before your current course expires. By doing so, you’ll keep your original expiry date. This means that when you next come to renew, it’s 3 years from your original expiry date. When we send you the notice, complete the course, and then you’ll have over 3 years until you need to renew again.

For level 4 you can complete your training anytime within the 120 days before your current course expires. There isn’t an option to keep the original expiry date.

If you're having issues completing the training

If you’re worried about completing the training or have difficulty accessing what you need to, please speak to your commissioner so they can help you. 

If there are other reasons you can’t complete the training, such as personal circumstances, accessibility needs, or there are no trainings you can attend before your deadline, email [email protected] before your deadline to let them know. 

If you've completed the training but it's not showing on your GO record

If you've completed an e-learning but it’s not recorded on GO, check that you have fully completed the e-learning module and the course is showing as complete. It might take up to 24 hours to add to the system. If you have any issues, please contact [email protected].

If you attended a face-to-face training for any level and it’s not on your GO record, please contact your county GO coordinator with proof of completion and they can add this. 

Any questions?

If you have a safeguarding question or concern contact [email protected]. If you have questions about the training contact email [email protected].

Begin a safe space training

Get your safeguarding training started with a safe space level 1