Young leader development programme

These 12 modules will help develop your skills so you can become the leader you want to be

Take the next step on your leadership journey and grow your skills with the young leader development programme.

If you’re aged between 14-17 and volunteering in a unit, you may have used our welcome leaflet to get started in your role. Now, you can continue discovering and exploring your leadership skills with the young leader development programme; a personalised journey that empowers you to become the leader you want to be 

Want to become a young leader?

If you're a Guide or a Ranger, talk to your leader or local commissioner. If you're new to Girlguiding, register to volunteer using the link below.

Register to volunteer

The young leader development programme has been created by young leaders, for young leaders. Check out our young leader working group explaining the programme and what you need to do in the video below. 

Ready to get started? Great! All the modules are listed below, so have a look at the name and description of each one and choose what you’d like to do.  

You might want to have a chat with another leader in your unit first, to help you decide. You could choose something you’re already confident in to get you going, or look at an area you’d like to develop further. Or you might want to choose a module that links with something you’re already doing – it’s completely up to you!  

Remember, you can complete the modules in any order and build your own journey throughout the whole time you’re a young leader.  

Each module has a task sheet with tasks for you to complete, along with a video and a discovery sheet. These give you some background information to help you complete the tasks, if you need it.   

If you're looking for modules that link directly with the leader development programme, check out delivering activities, giving girls a voice, planning your activities, running activities safely or supporting inclusive spaces.  


Step outside of your unit, be part of your local community and meet other Girlguiding members. 

Lead a variety of games, unit meeting activities, skills builders and activities beyond our programme, and bring Girlguiding to life.  

This module, together with giving girls a voice, links with the involving girls in decisions and planning course in the becoming a leader training.

Look at how you can spot problems and solve them like a pro! 

Help to plan and go on some amazing adventures with your unit.  

Lift up girls voices and help them be heard so they have a say in what they do in guiding.  

This module, together with delivering activities links with the involving girls in decisions and planning course in the becoming a leader training. 

Find out the different ways you can deal with tricky behaviour and encourage positive behaviour in your unit. 

Explore Girlguiding’s story and traditions and celebrate being part of a global movement. 

These resources reference mental health and wellbeing, including poor mental health.

Take care of your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the others in your unit and set goals for your future self 

Discover how to plan amazing activities for your unit.  

This module links with the planning for good guiding course in the becoming a leader training. 

These resources reference the types of physical harm someone might experience during activities.

Make sure you can safely run the activities your unit wants, through planning and responding to risks as they happen.  

This module links with the managing safety and risk course in the becoming a leader training. 

These resources reference discrimination, bias and microaggressions.

How you can make sure your unit is a place where everyone feels welcome and can join in. 

This module links with the celebrating every member course in the becoming a leader training.

Explore how you and the other amazing volunteers in your unit can work together to be a dream team.  

What happens when I’ve completed a module? 

When you’ve done all the tasks and had a chance to reflect on how it went, then your leader can mark the module as completed for you on GO. Leaders, check out the GO help files for more information on how to do this. 

Then you can choose whether you want to do another module or take a break.  

For every 4 modules you complete you’ll get a badge.

Discovering leadership badgecomplete 4 modules. 

Exploring leadership badge -complete 8 modules. 


Empowering leadership badgecomplete all 12 modules.  


Your leader can buy the badges from the Girlguiding shop.  

What can I do next? 

All the skills you develop while completing the young leader development programme will be incredibly useful for whatever you want to do in future. Each module explains the skills you’ve gained- make sure you shout about these in job or university applications!  

Help girls have amazing guiding experiences 

If you’ve enjoyed being a young leader then you might like to think about becoming a unit helper or an adult leader when you’re 18. We’ve created the leader development programme, which you can start working on from your 16th birthday on our learning platform.  

When you start the leader development programme, you’ll find that some of the modules from the young leader development programme link directly to some of the becoming a leader courses in the leader development programme. If you’ve already completed these modules as a young leader, you won’t have to do the courses again for the becoming a leader training, unless you’d like to refresh your knowledge.