Let’s get the basics right

We’re going to build solid foundations.

The best way to do brilliant things, is by getting the basics right.

We’re going to build solid foundations, including:

Strong structures and processes

We’ll invest in the way we work to make sure our people and resources are in the right place doing the right things. We’ll make sure people can stay better connected, be informed, and access the information and tools they need easily and quickly.

Empowering girls to lead the way

As the largest youth organisation for girls and young women in the UK, we’ll be led by our girls and young women. Their views and opinions will lead our decisions and make sure everything we do puts girls first.

New ways of working

We achieve amazing things when we work together as one team. We’ll make the most of the skills, experience and time that we have already in the Girlguiding community. So we’re going to set up new, shared ways of working, which bring us together and helps us use our talents.

How we're supporting this goal in 2020

  • Creating the digital tools and services we need to deliver our new strategy.  In 2020 we’ll be focussing on how digital tools can help our volunteers get the learning they need when they need it, and how we can improve the experience of using our membership system and the website.
  • Reviewing and improving our internal structures, processes and ways of working so that they are ready for the day-to-day work of achieving our new goals.
  • Continuing to deliver support services in vital areas such as insurance, finance and data protection.