Our Advocates influence the direction of Girlguiding's advocacy and shape our research

The Advocates seek change to improve all girls' lives

Being an Advocate is the opportunity of a lifetime because it offers you the chance to get your own views heard and speak up for girls and young women across the UK. The other advocates inspire me to do my best every day! - Larissa, 18

Being an Advocate has given me the change to help make the world a better place - Emma, 20

The Advocate panel gives girls a platform to use their voices and seek change at the highest levels. Our Advocates are a group of 18 Girlguiding members aged 14 to 25 lead the direction of Girlguiding's advocacy and research.

What do Advocates do?

Advocates talk to MPs and other politicians, act as media spokespeople for Girlguiding and speak at many types of events.

They learn new skills and discuss issues that matter to them and their peers. They have focused on body confidence, the representation of girls and women in media and politics, education, violence against women and girls, young people’s mental health, and loads more! All of the Advocates come to the group with different perspectives and ideas but they are all passionate about issues that affect girls and young people.

Our Advocates call for greater representation in politics – this year, to celebrate 100 years since some women got the vote, our Advocates are joining calls for women to be equal represented in Parliament.

Our Advocates take action against sexual harassment in schools - the girls put pressure on the government to take action got heard. As a result, the government launched an inquiry. We continue to call for more action.

Our Advocates lead the Girls' Attitudes Survey - they shape the questions and they make sure people in power hear what girls told us by speaking to the media, contacting politicians and writing blogs.

Our Advocates influence government policies - they attend important parliamentary meetings and provide evidence of what life is like for girls in the UK.

It was so exciting when the government announced that relationships and sex education was going to become compulsory in England. It was great for us to see that all our dedication and effort is worthwhile - and it's incredibly rewarding when your work is recognised - Alice, 18

Our Advocates speak out - they've spoken at amazing events including the Women of the Wold Festival, attended party conferences and recently walked the red carpet at the premier of Wrinkle in Time (including getting to meet Oprah!).

I've spoken about media sexism towards female politicians on BBC Radio 5 Live. It felt like a big responsibility and I was afraid I'd get it wrong. But even though the questions were really tough, I found good responses because I was so passionate about the topic and what I was saying. That really built up my confidence - Emma, 20

Our Advocates create and grow our campaigns - watch this space for new campaigns and how to get involved with them. 

How to get involved

We recruit new Advocates each year in April so check back here for updates. In the meantime, find out about other ways you can get involved with our campaigns.

Meet the Advocates

Madison, 24, London

Madison, 24, London Madison cares about: Women in work, including the representation of women in leadership roles’

‘Being on the Girl Guiding Advocate panel gives me the chance to represent the views of young women across the UK to politicians and the media. I am looking forward to empowering others to get behind the campaigns run by Girl Guiding and bring about positive changes in society that young women think are needed.’

Ellie, 15, Essex

Ellie, 15, Essex Ellie cares about: the environment, mental health services and helping other girls get involved in social action.

'I hope that over the next 2 years I will be an active member of the Advocate panel. I want to help support girls and women all the way from Rainbows, to leaders who have supported Girlguiding for many years, get their voices heard.' 


Abigail, 17, Kent

Abigail, 17, Kent Abigail cares about: LGBTQ+ rights, sex and relationship education.

'I have always been passionate about making a change but have often felt that it was impossible to do on my own! No matter how much I spoke out about issues I care about, I didn’t feel I was loud enough or making a real change, I want to use the Advocate panel as a platform to speak out, and to be heard.'  

Bethan, 18, Glasgow

Bethan, 18, Glasgow Bethan cares about: Rights for young people and the representation of women

'I've always loved getting involved in any way I can which means I've got to be part of many amazing different projects and organisations like Girlguiding. Therefore I can confidently say that I know more than most how passionate, intelligent and brilliant the young people of the UK are and how ignoring them is only hindering our society. I look forward to using my role as an Advocate to dismantle negative youth stereotypes and help provide young women with opportunities to shine and finally be heard.'

Pippa, 19, Gloucestershire

Pippa, 19, Gloucestershire Pippa cares about: Disability rights, and equity for all.

‘As an Advocate, I am particularly passionate about challenging the double discrimination experienced by disabled people due to their gender, and their disability. I want to take the voices of girls and young women all around me to where they need to be heard. I hope to, along with the other Advocates, create the much needed changes for the next generation of girls and young women.' 

Isla, 19, Leeds

Isla, 19, Leeds Isla cares about: mental health, education and the environment.

'Being a Girlguiding Advocate will give me the chance to get my voice, and the voice of other girls and young women heard. I’m passionate about improving the lives of others and helping give girls and young women more opportunities. I’m most looking forward to working with an amazing team of young women, meeting interesting new people and speaking up for important issues.' 


Ruyuan, 14, Edinburgh

Ruyuan, 14, Edinburgh Ruyuan cares about: getting more women into science and technology, body confidence and increasing diversity in the images we see in the media.

'I hope that through being an Advocate I can encourage other girls to start speaking out about the issues they care about too. I’m a firm believer in the power of role models and I think the Advocate panel also serves to empower others to use their voices too.'

Izzy, 16, Southampton

Izzy, 16, Southampton Izzy cares about: Inclusion and equal opportunity

'I chose to join the advocate panel because I saw it as the perfect opportunity to unite my two main interests - Girlguiding and campaigning on issues that I'm passionate and hope to make a difference about. Whilst on the panel, I'd love to make an impact that makes a positive difference to girls in the UK and abroad, hoping to contribute to the overall equality of young women in the world.'

Juliet, 18, London

Juliet, 18, London Juliet cares about: Mental health, body image and representation of women

'Too often, the media is dominated by older people telling us what they think young people think. Advocate gives us an amazing opportunity to speak for ourselves, and I’m honoured to be part of it!'

Kate, 18, Barry

Kate, 18, Barry Kate cares about: young people having the opportunity to speak out and be heard.

'Being an Advocate gives me the opportunity to speak out on issues that effect our daily lives. Young girls and women should have the chance to give their opinion on issues that affect them. Being an Advocate is a great opportunity to be involved in making positive changes for girls of all ages.'

Kim, 17, Sheffield

Kim, 17, Sheffield Kim cares about: Representation, education for girls globally, and intersectional feminism

‘Being an Advocate is really important to me because it allows me to make a difference and to speak out about issues that women and girls face everyday. It is an incredible privilege to be part of something so empowering.’

Laura, 16, Lancashire

Laura, 16, Lancashire Laura cares about: Mental health and women in STEM

'I applied to become an Advocate as I wish for girls and women, of all ages and backgrounds, to have their voices heard in society. Having a platform to speak up about issues that are affecting our lives at the highest levels is an opportunity that I am excited to have.'

Emma, 18, Chorley

Emma, 18, Chorley Emma cares about: women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

'After being involved in Action for Change, I really wanted to stay involved and to keep on campaigning and speaking out with Girlguiding! I am particularly interested in women in STEM and excited about continuing to speak out about this issue and to achieve more than I could ever have hoped to on my own!'


Emily, 17, Derby

Emily, 17, Derby Emily cares about: media representation and getting more women involved in science and technology

'Being able to support Girlguiding’s campaigns is such an exciting experience. Knowing that I can help Girlguiding members of all ages and backgrounds to have their voices heard is a privilege, and being able to meet so many other incredible young women who are part of Advocate has helped me to realise how passionate and powerful our generation really is! As someone passionate about science, I am particularly excited to speak out and encourage more young women who are interested STEM careers.'  

Sophie, 17, County Down

Sophie, 17, County Down Sophie cares about: Mental health and getting more women in politics

'I applied to be an Advocate with the goal of empowering young women and girls of all ages and giving them the voice they deserve.

I am a proud feminist and particularly care about issues surrounding mental health. As an A Level Politics student I am also passionate about getting more women involved in Politics. Women inspire women, and through campaigning, debating and getting female voices into the media, I hope to encourage more young women to vote and become involved in politics!'

Sophie, 22, Birmingham

Sophie, 22, Birmingham Sophie cares about: Creating equality in the workplace and challenging sexual harassment

'Being an Advocate gives me a platform for my voice to be heard, and to represent the voices of girls and young women. Being able to speak out on their behalf is such a privilege. 

I want girls and young women to feel safe and empowered in every aspect of their lives, from equality and respect in the workplace to freedom from any sexual harassment.'

Victoria, 17, Belfast

Victoria, 17, Belfast Victoria cares about: the representation of girls in sport and science

'As an Advocate I am passionate about seeing girls have a greater representation in Sport and Science. I want to be part of breaking down the stereotypical opinions which still exist in both these areas. As an Advocate I hope to use my voice as an opportunity to change the mind-set associated with these two fields.'