Inspiring girls and young women to explore science and engineering

Together we're engaging girls and young women so they reach their full potential.

Our Girls' Attitudes Survey found that only 3% of girls aged seven to ten would consider a career in engineering. Rolls-Royce and Girlguiding share a commitment to challenging stereotypes around science, technology, engineering and maths, and seek to inspire a new generation of young women into these industries.

How we work together

Together Girlguiding and Rolls-Royce are inspiring girls to discover science and technology through fun activities. Rolls-Royce co-sponsors the Innovate skills builder and has co-developed the activities to encourage girls to discover more about STEM. They also run fun activities at Magic and Mayhem like creating lava lamps and kaleidoscopes.

The Innovate skills builder has six stages spanning all sections. Girls will be awarded a badge as they complete each stage.

Girls will have the opportunity to complete activities including carrying out scientific experiments, creating algorithms for robots, planning video games, learning about binary code through making computer science themed bracelets and having a go at being a crime scene investigator – to name a few!

Inspired? Rolls-Royce have also created badge booster activities for girls that have earned their Innovate badges 2, 4 or 6. Download them here:

About Rolls-Royce

Scientists and engineers at Rolls-Royce are pioneering the power that matters to connect, power and protect society.  They are working to find the technology breakthroughs we need to decarbonise power across air, land and sea.

Today, the company makes engines that power many of the world's most advanced passenger jets, like the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but is just as focused on developing the technology that will connect us in the future.  Engines using sustainable fuels, hybrid-powered and electric engines are all being developed to meet our transport needs in a more sustainable future, not only in the air but also on land and at sea.

Find out more about Rolls-Royce and STEM.

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