Inspire (18-30)

Our community for women aged 18 to 30 is fun, flexible and tailored to you

Be part of our community of young women having adventures, gaining skills and making memories to last a lifetime.

Whether you want to travel the world, build your CV, support girls or simply have fun with new friends, you can do it with Girlguiding. 

There are loads of ways to get involved. Some of our opportunities are through volunteering with local Girlguiding units, others you can do on your own. 

What you can do

All our opportunities fit into one of seven pathways or two themes. You can follow one particular pathway. Or, because we're all different, mix and match to create a new path just for you. You can apply directly for national opportunities or contact your local country or region to find out more about Girlguiding Inspire in your area. 

Challenge yourself and experience the outdoors. Some of the opportunities are a chance to develop your skills by working towards a formal qualification. But there’s plenty you can do that's just for fun too.

Plan your own outdoor adventure 

Whether you’re leading a group of younger girls or just looking to have fun with friends, our adventure pages are full of inspiration for outdoor activities. 
Explore our adventure ideas

Lead outdoor adventures

Complete training to take girls canoeing, climbing, walking, rowing or even helming a narrowboat.
Find out about outdoor training schemes

As a member of Girlguiding, you’re also part of the largest women’s organisation in the world – the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). So there's lots of opportunities to travel overseas and take part in guiding activities with women from across the world.

GOLD (Guiding Overseas linked with Development)

Apply for this incredible opportunity to see the international world of guiding in action. Work with members of guiding in another country and make friends and memories for life.
Find out how you can go on GOLD

Represent Girlguiding at an international level

A great way to represent Girlguiding on an international level is to get involved with WAGGGS opportunities - from attending the Helen Storrow and Juliette Low seminars on developing leadership skills, to joining a delegation to the UN.
Learn more about WAGGGS

Take part or volunteer at an international event overseas

See the world while supporting young people to have an international adventure and meet guiding and scouting members from all over the world. Roles include communications and unit support for events such as Roverway, Moot and Jamboree.
Find out about international events overseas

Volunteer at an international event in the UK

Be part of a service team at an international event, camp or jamboree in the UK. Your role could be running activities, working in medical centres, catering or something else.
Check out the latest international events in the UK

Volunteer with WAGGGS

The WAGGGS volunteer resource pool gathers together exciting volunteer opportunities for WAGGGS members. Members of the pool are given the chance to apply for a variety of opportunities such as translation or workshop facilitation.
Join the WAGGGS resource pool 

Experience global guiding at a world centre

Whether you just want to visit, go for a world centre programme or event, or volunteer at the world centre for 3-6 months, time at any of the world centres is an unforgettable international guiding experience.
Find out about guiding world centres

Gain event skills that can be used in lots of ways - from hosting work meetings to planning big celebrations to running festivals.

Local event opportunities

Take a look at your local country and region pages for information on more events in your area.

Organising your own overnight trip

Some of the best experiences with Girlguiding are residential ones, whether they're big events or small get-aways to the countryside. 

If you’d like to organise a residential event for adults, we’ve created a residential event procedure to help you plan. Although this procedure was designed for 18-30 year olds, it’s suitable for any events that don’t involve girls under the age of 18.  

This procedure includes information on when the procedure applies, guidance for planning your event and a form to send to your commissioner to notify them about the event. This type of residential is eligible for Queen’s Guide Award Outdoor Challenge.   

Organisations connected to Girlguiding, such as SSAGO and the Trefoil Guild, don’t need to follow this procedure when organising events for their own members. 

We know many of you want to share your skills to support the development of younger girls, but it needs to fit with your other commitments. If you’re already a Girlguiding member, contact your local commissioner to find out about flexible roles in your area. Not yet a member? Find out more about the different volunteer opportunities available and register your interest.

Setting up a county skills pool

A county skills pool is a list of skills, from Zumba to geocaching, that Girlguiding members in the local area are willing to share. Contact your local commissioner to find out if there's on in your area.

Becoming a unit leader – or volunteering as part of a unit team – is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a great way to build your leadership skills while inspiring the next generation of girls, giving them amazing experiences and confidence.

You could also choose to apply your skills to working with adults or as a commissioner supporting other volunteers. All our leadership opportunities will help other members get the most out of guiding and open up new experiences for you along the way.

Take the leader development programme

Volunteering as a leader is one of our most rewarding roles in guiding - you work directly with girls and support them to become confident young women. The leader development programme gives you the tools to lead your own unit and give girls a great experience. It's available on our learning platform.

Log into the learning platform and take the leader development programme

Other roles working with girls

There's plenty of other ways you can work with girls outside of being a leader from helping on residential trips to lending a hand at unit meetings.
Find out about other ways to volunteer with girls

Develop your leadership skills by supporting other volunteers

Use your skills and expertise to improve the guiding experience for all our members - could you be an outdoor activities adviser, communications coordinator or a commissioner?
Find out about roles supporting volunteers

Help others to develop their own skills and knowledge and you’ll play a crucial part in making guiding the best it can be. All while building skills and experience to facilitate meetings and deliver training.


Mentor others to complete Girlguiding qualifications

Mentors support other members through many different qualifications. You don't need to be a fountain of all knowledge - just a friendly face who has achieved a Girlguiding qualification and would like to help others do the same.
Find out about mentoring

Become a Girlguiding qualified trainer

Support our volunteers to deliver great experiences to girls. As a trainer you'll be a role model for other volunteers and help ensure excellence and consistency across our organisation.
Find out about becoming a trainer

Campaign on an issue that’s important to you, take action in your community, get involved in decision-making, or support other women to make their voice heard. All while gaining new skills in the process.


Advocate panel

Our advocates are a group of 18 Girlguiding members aged 14 to 25 who lead the direction of Girlguiding's advocacy and research. They talk to MPs and other politicians, act as media spokespeople for Girlguiding and speak at many types of events. Advocates are recruited once a year in the Spring.
Find out about our advocate panel


Be a Girlguiding campaign supporter 

Be part of making change happen by taking part in our social action and campaigns. 
Find out about our current campaigns

Challenging yourself with a course, qualification or award is a great way to expand your horizons, build your CV and show the world what you're capable of.  

Queen’s Guide award

This is the highest award you can work towards in Girlguiding. As well as contributing to guiding and your community, you'll develop 6 core skills; resilience, teamwork, independence, communication, reflection and leadership. The Queen's Guide award must be completed within 3 years from the start date or before your 31st birthday, whichever is sooner. Find out more about the Queen's Guide award.

Learning and development

Check out Girlguiding’s training and e-learning to help you refresh and develop skills you can use with Girlguiding and beyond. It's your chance to become a kayaking instructor, expert fundraiser or even someone who trains others.
Check our learning and development

We’re always working to increase our membership opportunities, including developing social memberships. There's currently lots of different ways you can get involved with Girlguiding, either with a regular commitment or flexibly.