Structure of Girlguiding

When a girl joins us, or a volunteer starts at their local unit, they become part of our UK-wide network

Girlguiding breaks down into gradually smaller groups that deliver good guiding for their area.

Countries and regions

At the highest level, the UK is split into 10 countries and regions. Scotland, North West England and Cymru are some examples.


The countries and regions are then divided into counties. These include Cheshire Border and Cardiff & East Glamorgan.


Most counties have several divisions, for example Stevenage division or Tamworth division. Some smaller counties don't have divisions and are broken down into districts instead.


Divisions (and some counties) are broken into districts. Lanark district and Taunton West district are examples of districts.


Districts have a number of units which are the groups that girls in different sections attend. Some examples are 2nd Bangor Brownies or 1st Luton Guides.

Girlguiding nationally

At a national level, we're overseen by our board of trustees which is chaired by the chair of trustees. The chief guide and deputy chief guide are also on the board of trustees. Girlguiding has a national staff team headed by our chief executive who is responsible for ensuring that the work undertaken by staff follows the direction agreed by the trustees. The team is spread across several sites.

  • Girlguiding headquarters in London
  • Our activity centres in Hampshire, Sussex, Lancashire and London
  • Trading service in Altrincham, Cheshire

The Royal Charter is our governing document that lays down the rules for how we are run. Countries and regions also have their own constitutions.