Adventure badges

What our adventure badges are and how to get them

Girls have been having guiding adventures for over 100 years and we want to shout about it! 

So we’ve created a new set of fun badges for girls to achieve and to inspire others to have their own adventures.

What is adventure?

With the help of girls, we identified 3 things that make something an adventure in Girlguiding:

  • Adventure is out of the ordinary. It’s not part of your normal routine.
  • Adventure is transformative. You learn something about yourself, outside of your comfort zone.
  • Adventure takes place outside. You can adapt them for inside but they're based on an outside activity.

Adventure isn't just the high-adrenaline activities it is all activities that challenge and excite - we want girls to experience adventure and adopt an adventurous mindset where they believe girls can do anything and go and do it. We have 100 activities and counting on our adventure for girls finder, from paddling in open water to rock climbing.

Why does Girlguiding want to encourage adventure?

Research conducted by One Poll in the UK reported 85% of children age 6-12 long for more adventure, with 85% of parents saying adventure should be an important part of their children’s lives. Girlguiding are in a fantastic position to be able to offer this.

We also know that adventure has a positive impact on girls and develops skills, confidence and resilience .


  • encourages personal growth and development.
  • provides fun and memorable experiences.
  • fosters a sense of community.
  • supports physical and mental health.

Adventure is something that girls and leaders have told us they really value as part of the Girlguiding experience, and we want to encourage even more of it.

What are the adventure badges?

The adventure badges are fun, participation badges that girls can achieve by taking part in an adventure activity. The badges are divided into 5 themes and each section has its own set of badges. So there are 20 badges to collect from Rainbows through to Rangers.

The adventure themes


Where your adventure takes you a few feet off the ground or soaring into the sky. These are all the activities where you leave the ground.


Where your adventure includes exploring the land around you, either above or underground!


Where your adventure includes getting a bit chilly! These are the activities you can do with snow or ice.


Where your adventure is taking part in a sport. Anything that involves some equipment, a game and some rules.


Where your adventure includes getting a little bit wet! These are the activities you can do on or in water.

Find your next adventure

Use the adventure for girls finder to find activities your girls might be interested in doing, or get inspired and come up with activities of your own. Each activity is marked with an icon to show which adventure badge you could achieve by taking part.

The list isn’t exhaustive, so if there’s an adventure that you’d like to try that isn’t on the list, email [email protected].

We can also advise you on safety guidance, qualifications and what badge it would fall under - and we can look to get it added to the finder so even more girls can give it a go!

Buy badges in our online shop

Buy badges in our online shop.

Buy badges in our online shop