For fun and adventures of all kinds open to every girl

We want to be able to have adventures wherever we find them.

Without worrying about being treated differently or feeling unsafe because we’re girls.

All of us, including those of us with disabilities, should have places where we can relax and do the things we love doing: welcoming spaces outdoors, safe spaces online.

No toys, games or sports should be off-limits or discouraged, just because we’re girls.

And women’s sports should be just as visible and just as celebrated as men’s.

Girls do netball and boys do rugby.Guide

We'll make a difference together

We want everyone - including the people in charge - to pay attention to what we have to say. And we want them to join us in taking action to change things for the better.

  • All girls should be able to play the games, and with the toys, they want. Being a girl shouldn't make anything out of bounds.
  • We need more outside spaces, where we can play and relax safely.
  • Women in sport should be equally supported and celebrated.

17,035 girls in Rainbows said it makes them sad when they are told they can't do something because they're a girl.