Other ways to give

Find out about other ways you can donate to our charity

There are lots of other ways you can donate to us.

From gifting your unwanted shares to shopping online - find the way that's right for you.

Donate your used stamps to raise much-needed funds for Girlguiding. All stamps are welcome, on or off paper.

Simply cut or carefully rip the postage stamp from the used envelope - being careful that you don’t damage the stamp. Once you have a collection, pop them in a stamped envelope and post them to:

PO Box 16992
Sutton Coldfield
B73 9YA

Recycling for Good Causes will arrange collections for larger quantities of stamps over 10 kilos - that’s about two buckets full of stamps. Call 01827 64076 or e-mail [email protected] to organise this.

Do you own a vehicle that you want to sell or get rid of? Donate it to us through Giveacar! Giveacar raises money for UK charities by scrapping and selling old cars. They provide a nationwide service which:

  • arranges for the collection of the vehicle from your home for free
  • recycles it at an authorised facility or sends it to auction - depending on its age and condition.

Scrap donations raise about £80 for the charity - depending on the price of metal - while auction cars can raise much more. To arrange your donation, visit their website or call 020 7736 4242, quoting Girlguiding as your preferred charity.

You can support Girlguiding easily while shopping on eBay - the online auction site. Visit eBay's charity website and search for 'Girlguiding' to nominate us as your favourite charity. Next time you shop on eBay, you will be asked at checkout if you'd like to make an optional donation to Girlguiding.


Donating unwanted shares to Girlguiding can be very tax efficient. There is no capital gain - or loss - on shares donated to charity, and you can claim income tax relief on the value of the shares.

In order to qualify for the tax relief, the shares or securities must be:

  • listed or dealt on a recognised UK or foreign stock exchange
  • units in authorised unit trusts
  • shares in a UK open-ended investment company
  • holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes.

For more information on tax relief for gifts of shares to charity, visit the GOV.UK website.

For shares under £500

If the shares you would like to donate are worth less than £500, you can donate them via ShareGift mentioning that you are a supporter of Girlguiding. ShareGift is a charity specialising in accepting smaller number of shares, which makes donations to various charities based on donor suggestion.

For more information, please contact ShareGift on 020 7930 3737 or visit the ShareGift website.

For shares of £500 or over

If you would like to donate shares to the value of £500 or over, please contact the Fundraising team on 020 7834 6242.

easyfundraising helps charities and other causes raise money through online shopping.

When people shop online with participating retailers, a percentage of whatever they spend is donated to their chosen charity or good cause. Participating retailers include huge brands such as Amazon, M&S and Tesco - and over 2,700 others. So far, guiding has raised over £80,000 using easyfundraising!

You can donate to Girlguiding, or to a specific unit, on the easyfundraising website.

Information for leaders

Supporters can use easyfundraising to donate to your local unit - you just need to register to receive funds.

Some guiding groups are already registered by their country/region office. If your unit is pre-registered, you can assume responsibility for it and ensure money comes directly to you, by contacting Jenny at easyfundraising or speaking to your country/region office.

Marketing tools can be useful to engage supporters. You can download and print:

Payroll giving is an easy and tax-efficient way to support Girlguiding - and anyone can set it up providing your employer offers the scheme. Your Payroll or HR department should be able to advise you if they offer payroll giving in your workplace.

Donations are deducted from an employee's monthly salary before tax - meaning a £10 donation would only cost each person £8! Find out more about payroll giving - or set up an individual payroll donation via Giving Online.

Devised and narrated by former BBC and ITV newscaster Sir Martyn Lewis, Your Big Day offers videos tailored to a specific date in history. It uses the latest technology to deliver crafted “time capsule” videos directly to your mobile, tablet or desktop, covering the dates and years of most of the last century (1917 to 2002).

Find out more about Your Big Day

When our members purchase a video (excluding special offers, discounted sale items and delivery), £1 is donated to Girlguiding. Your Big Day will provide a unique code that will trigger the donation, which can be found on GO.