Guidance on activities

What you need to consider when planning and running an activity to make it safe

It's vital that we run activities as safely as possible.

Everyone working with children and young people must take extra care to make sure they don't come to any harm. 

Working with instructors and helpers

Make sure instructors, helpers and parents have the right checks.

Activity instructors

If the activity involves one-to-one unsupervised instruction, the instructor requires a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS). The activity provider is responsible for carrying out the check and providing written confirmation of this.

Everyone taking part in guiding activities must agree to follow our safeguarding policy. Check our guidance on having visitors at your meetings and the unit safeguarding guidelines

Helpers and parents

All volunteers aged 18 or over who are staying overnight at a residential event must have completed the recruitment and vetting procedure - including a disclosure check. Non-member volunteers must be checked too and assigned the role of district, division or county helper on GO.

Helpers and parents taking part in guiding activities must agree to follow the Girlguiding safeguarding policy. Make sure they have read this policy.

Recruiting volunteers to help

Involving parents and other volunteers makes sure we can do these exciting guiding activities.