Activities with other organisations

How to run activities and events with other organisations safely

Joint events with other organisations, such as The Scout Association, can be extra-special for girls.

These events are often very exciting. Girls can meet new people and volunteers can pool resources and ideas to make the programme dynamic and fun.

There are a few safety rules to follow if you're organising a joint event.

Prohibited activities at joint events

Units shouldn't do any of Girlguiding's prohibited activities at joint events. If planning an event, make sure you don't include activities banned by any organisation involved.

However, if activities prohibited by Girlguiding are happening at an event, it's fine to attend as long as guiding members don't join in with those activities.

Activity qualifications

Search our adventure for girls pages to find out what qualifications instructors or leaders need for activities that are happening at joint events.

Girlguiding doesn't recognise Scout Association Adventurous Activity Permits as acceptable qualifications unless it's for a joint activity as outlined in the joint adventurous activities with Scouts and Girlguiding guidance.  

Criminal record checks

There's a national agreement between Girlguiding and The Scout Association that members and volunteers of either organisation taking part in a joint activity or event don't need to complete the recruitment process for both organisations - including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. This agreement is valid for all joint activities, residential events and joint units.

All other volunteers aged 18 or over who're staying overnight at a residential event must've completed the recruitment and vetting procedure including a criminal records check. Non-member volunteers should be assigned the role of district, division or county helper on GO and have a criminal records check. Find out more in our recruitment and vetting procedure.

Residential events with other organisations

  • You must still follow all Girlguiding rules for residentials, including the ratio requirements for the section(s) you're taking. Check out the going on residentials page for more information. 
  • The relevant commissioner and adviser must be satisfied that the event is authorised by the other organisation.
  • The event must have a definite programme of activities.
  • For joint events involving girls and boys, at least one adult man and one adult woman must be present
    throughout the event. Separate sleeping, washing and toilet facilities must be provided for the boys and men.
  • An authorised volunteer from the other participating organisation must be present, be in charge of their organisation’s members, and meet their organisation’s requirements for residential events.
  • All the adult volunteers at a residential event should be provided with details of Girlguiding’s safeguarding policy.
  • Where possible, a member of Girlguiding should be involved in planning the event.

Joint activities with Scouts

A joint activity is one where young people and adults are present from both organisations. Joint activities are part of the programme for both Scouts and Girlguiding members, allowing young people to experience activities which they wouldn't normally have access to or with a broader group. The joint adventurous activities with Scouts and Girlguiding guidance is designed to ensure responsible leadership in these activities.

When running a joint activity, you can use the Scout Adventurous Activity Permit or the Girlguiding qualification of the person leading the activity. This agreement is for joint activities only, Scout Adventurous Activity Permits aren't accepted for activities that fall outside of this.

View a list of Girlguiding activities and Scout Adventurous Activity Permits

When camping overseas with The Scout Association, all participants must've been members of either Girlguiding or The Scout Association for at least six months, and all should've camped before.

Rangers aged 16 or over can take part in Scout Explorer Belt expeditions as long as there are at least two young women on the team, at least two Ranger leaders are part of the expedition leadership, and the county international adviser is notified.