Activities you can do at home

Activities and adventures to keep yourself occupied at any time - fun for kids, adults, everyone!

Being an adventurer is a state of mind – it’s being brave and determined, supporting others and finding fun in everything we do. And it doesn’t need to stop when we've left our unit meetings. 

At Girlguiding we love to explore, we love to discover, we love to find out: we are everyday adventurers.

What is #AdventuresAtHome?

What is #AdventuresAtHome? During the Covid-19 pandemic, we created heaps of activities, challenges, games and how-to videos for young people to keep themselves entertained at home. Now the pandemic is over, we’re working harder than ever to get more girls stuck into outdoor adventures in guiding. But that doesn’t mean these at-home activities aren’t useful! Whether you can’t meet regularly as a unit, or you’re stuck for something to do during the summer holidays, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to check out the adventures at home back catalogue. They’re all free to download, and you don’t have to be a member of Girlguiding to enjoy them.  

Activity videos  

As well as the free activity sheets you can download or print off, there’s a whole archive of #AdventuresAtHome programme videos available on our YouTube channel. There are activities on there for all ages, and you’ll mostly just need some basic craft equipment to get stuck in. Search ‘Girlguiding #AdventuresAtHome’ on YouTube to check them out.  

Interest badges

For more at-home activities that count towards your girls' programme achievements, be sure to check out our range of interest badges 

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