Girls' Attitudes Survey

A snapshot of girls’ and young women’s lives

Since 2009 we’ve been giving girls and young women a platform to speak out on the issues that matter to them.

We do this every year through the Girls’ Attitudes Survey, our flagship research asking girls and young women how they feel about their everyday lives.

This year we asked over 2,000 girls and young women aged 7 to 21, both inside and outside of guiding, how they feel about the specific and emerging pressures facing them today, and what these mean for their happiness, wellbeing and opportunities in life.

Girls are worried about the environment

I’m thrilled that the vast majority of girls and young women today recognise how important this subject is and it makes me hopeful that they will channel this energy into action. Now decision makers at all levels need to show us that they can match this enthusiasm and work to make real change to protect our environment. – Ellie, Advocate 

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Girls want safer and accessible outdoor spaces

It is shocking that so many girls are unable to easily access a playground. Play for young girls shouldn’t be a privilege for just some to enjoy. It is a vital part of growing up, helps girls learn and, most importantly, have fun. – Madison, Advocate

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Girls want to have happier and safer lives online

It’s clear social media has a high importance in young women’s lives. We need to ensure that what they see - whether it be first thing in the morning or last thing at night - is positive healthy and empowering and that they can access this content safely – Isla, Advocate

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Girls often experience bullying, both online and offline  

Many girls have experienced bullying and the report shows how this affects girls’ mental health, confidence and well-being. We need to continue to have open conversations about bullying from a young age, so girls feel like they are less alone. – Kim, Advocate

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Girls say they don’t get enough support at school during exams

It’s upsetting to hear that so many girls feel there is too much pressure on them to do well in exams and that this could affect the rest of their lives. We really need to do more to support girls to thrive and show off their many talents but without reinforcing the idea that good grades are the only measure of success. – Emma, Advocate

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