Girlguiding's Strategy resources

Download our strategy document and other useful resources

Every volunteer, staff member, girl and young woman in Girlguiding has a role to play in helping us live our new strategy.

When you're talking about the plan locally – for example at Girlguiding staff meeting, a district or division meeting, or with your unit team – it's important that our Girlguiding assets are used consistently. 


Talking about the strategy

Girlguiding's Strategy
This is the name of our new strategy. That's why we capitalise the first letters of both words.

Today, tomorrow, together
This should be used together with Girlguiding's Strategy. It's not a new brand strapline to replace 'We discover, we grow'.

Using the icons

We have developed  icons to represent each of the three strategic goals that make up Girlguiding's Strategy.

They should be used only when specifically talking about Girlguiding's Strategy and its priorities. These can be used in social media, training and presentation materials. They may not be used on products or merchandise.

To keep our icons looking good, please don't change their colours or shapes and do not make repeat patterns with them.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].