Our membership fees

We work to make guiding affordable for all girls

Girlguiding charges membership fees, or 'subs' to cover the costs of regular meetings and running our charity.

What are subs?  

Our membership fees are called subscriptions or ‘subs’. Subs allow us to offer brilliant opportunities to your child and hundreds of thousands of others across the UK. They cover the cost of equipment, activities and hiring a meeting place. They’re normally paid termly or monthly, but other options are available. Your local volunteer team or unit leader can discuss these with you. 

There’s usually an extra charge for special activities, camps and events. There is also an annual subscription paid by all members that covers the day-to-day running of the charity and your local guiding area. This is sometimes included in subs. 

How do I find out the cost? 

Subs vary from area to area. This might be down to venue costs, activities, meeting length and additional local costs, amongst other factors.  

Once you’ve registered your child’s interest in joining, ask your local volunteer team how much subs are for your unit and when they need to be paid. 

How we can help with costs 

We don't want girls to miss out on guiding for any reason. If you’re concerned about costs preventing your daughter from taking part, please speak to your unit leader. They can tell you about ways we can help, including our grants.