Grants and funding

Do you, your members, or your unit need financial support for guiding activities?

Find out if you, your members or your unit are eligible for funding.

We have a number of grants to give units, girls and volunteers a helping hand, support trips away, and ensure members with additional needs can fully participate in guiding. 

The HQ grants available are:

Country and region grants

Country and region offices also offer various funds to enable guiding in their areas. 

The funding available will vary, as will the eligibility criteria. But you may find that there’s financial help for:

  • Travel
  • Training costs
  • Trips
  • Starting a new unit
  • Uniform
  • Equipment, resources and badges

You can find more information about what’s available to help you from your country or region team on their websites:

County, district and division grants

There may also be further funding available from local county, district and division teams.

Speak to your commissioner to find out what funding might be available to help you.