Travelling abroad grant

If you're completing the travelling abroad module this grant can help cover the cost of travel and accommodation

A grant to help support you with your travelling abroad module.

This grant helps support leaders working towards the travelling abroad module of the going away with scheme.

How much funding is available?

You can receive a funding grant of either £100 or £200.

For the £100 grant you need to be:

  • The leader-in-charge of a trip for members who are under 18.
  • Doing your travelling abroad module.
  • Abroad for at least 2 nights.

For the £200 grant, you must qualify for the £100 grant and either be:

  • Attending an international camp or jamboree.
  • Visiting a world centre.
  • Meeting with members from another member organisation of WAGGGS.
  • Undertaking a community or service project.

What can the funding be used for?

This grant is intended to support the leader in charge of the trip. It shouldn't be used for general fundraising for the group.

Apply for this grant

Fill in the application form to apply for the grant.

Travelling Abroad grant application form

Making your application

Remember that your county or country or region international adviser needs to sign your application, along with your local commissioner.

Don’t forget to include a signed copy of part one of your residential event notification form too.