Going Away With scheme

Learn how to plan trips and ensure the safety of your girls away from home

Residential events are one of the highlights of guiding for many girls.

By completing the Going Away With scheme, you will learn all about the practical elements of planning a residential - from health and safety to maintaining camping equipment.

Who can apply?

The Going Away With scheme is open to members who have completed the leadership qualification and currently hold an active role as a leader, commissioner or adviser.

What will I learn?

This scheme is designed to be as flexible as possible, depending on what kind of trip you're planning with your girls. For example, if you want to take your girls to an accredited activity centre where programme, catering and facilities are already provided, you'll only need the basic Going Away With licence.

You'll need to complete additional modules if you plan to take on more of the organisation of your next trip - for example, module 5 on catering if you plan to provide food.

The Going Away With licence

The first four modules equip leaders with the Going Away With licence. This qualifies you to take girls away overnight or for two nights or more if programme, catering and facilities are already provided. Modules 1 to 4 cover:

  • Planning a successful residential event.
  • Administration of a residential event.
  • Managing safety and security away from home.
  • Making health and first aid arrangements.

Additional modules

Once you have the basic licence, you can pick up additional modules depending on the responsibility you'll have during a residential event. You'll only ever need these additional modules if you are going away for two nights or more. 

  • Module 5: organise the catering arrangements.
  • Module 6: coordinate a programme of activities for participants.
  • Module 7: organise the care and maintenance of facilities.
  • Module 8: organise the care and maintenance of camping equipment.

Before completing any of the above modules, you must've completed, or be working towards, the Going Away With licence.

Module 9 - travelling abroad

If you're planning to take girls on a residential abroad, you should've completed, or be working towards, the travelling abroad module. This module has a set of minimum requirements you need to fulfil before you can complete it - visit our travelling abroad page for more information.

Which module do I need to complete?

You need to have the relevant Going Away With modules for the residential you're planning. All residentials require you to have the Going Away With Licence (modules 1 to 4) - and you'll need additional modules if you plan on going away for two nights or more and are responsible for catering (module 5), running programme (module 6), maintaining facilities (module 7) or camping equipment (module 8), or taking girls abroad (module 9).

What will I need to do?

The Going Away With scheme is practically assessed, so you'll need to plan and run residential trips with girls and provide evidence of your work. You'll be assigned a mentor, who'll support you along the way and assess you before, during and after each event.

Each person has a different starting point for the scheme. Some may be ready to organise a residential event straight away; others may need to gain skills, experience and confidence first. You can get some experience before your assessment by taking up to eight girls away for no more than two nights (Rainbows for no more than two days, one night), with at least one other adult (two for Rainbows).

To be assessed for any module of the Going Away With scheme,  for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides you'll need to take away a minimum of eight girls (so that they can work in two small groups) and a maximum of 24 girls. For Rangers, the minimum will be 4, and maximum will be 24.

To be assessed for modules 5-8 of the Going Away With scheme, or to gain the travelling abroad module, the assessment event needs to last two nights or more.

How much will it cost?

The scheme can be purchased from our online shop. This purchase is a legitimate guiding expense.

Remember: you'll need to complete a residential as part of this qualification, so it's important to consider the cost of this too.

How do I get started?

  1. Contact your local commissioner, who will put you in touch with an outdoor activity adviser in your area.
  2. Buy a copy of the Going Away With scheme from the online shop.
  3. Your adviser will then help you to find a suitable mentor, who can support you through the scheme.

Purchase the Going Away With scheme

The Going Away With scheme is available to buy from the online shop.