Volunteer roles supporting guiding

Opportunities to help us deliver guiding without volunteering directly with girls

There are plenty of ways to get involved in guiding that don’t involve working directly with girls.

You might support other volunteers in your area, help us attract new members, or take on the accounts or admin for a unit. Whatever your skills or interests, there’ll be a role that suits you. To get started, register to volunteer with us today. 

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Roles supporting other volunteers

Support volunteers in your area to develop their skills and deliver great guiding.

There are plenty of roles here for a range of different experience levels – whether you’re an experienced volunteer or totally new to guiding.

County commissioner

Becoming a county commissioner is a fantastic opportunity to influence guiding in your area and create real change that improves opportunities for girls and young women. You'll be responsible for and accountable to the whole membership of the county. You’ll represent your county at region level and will be a really important part of helping to shape strategy and direction. You’ll see girls and volunteers develop their confidence and skills and giving members a voice. Plus, you’ll meet new people, challenge yourself and have fun.

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Commissioner supporting commissioners

In this role, you’ll support other commissioners who directly support our units. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spot skills and support others to give something new a try. You’ll help take Girlguiding forward in your area, providing amazing opportunities for girls and young women and work with teams across your whole division. You’ll help girls and volunteers develop their confidence and skills and give members a voice. You’ll meet new people, challenge yourself and have fun with a team.

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Commissioner supporting units

This role directly supports our units and is busy and important. You’ll support unit volunteers to provide amazing experiences for girls and young women. You’ll use your Girlguiding knowledge and experience to advise leaders and other volunteers on running their units to give young members the best opportunities. It’s a fantastic chance to spot skills and support others to give something new a try. You’ll get to know volunteers and girls across your area and help them develop their confidence and skills.

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Assistant commissioner

You'll be working side-by-side with your commissioner to lead change and to improve guiding in your area. This is a chance to work with some fantastic people to provide opportunities to both girls and adults. You'll gain experience of how your guiding area runs and provide essential support to the county, district or division.

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An adviser is a specialist in an aspect of the guiding programme or a specific activity. Your role will be to share information about your specialism with other guiding members. It's up to you to make sure that everyone who needs to know something knows it! You don’t need to have any previous experience of guiding to be a great fit for this role.

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As coordinator you'll be a designated point of contact for an element of the guiding programme, such as communications or an event. This role is perfect for someone who can make sure that what needs to get done gets done! And for anything that isn’t related to our programme for girls, you won’t need to have any previous experience with guiding.

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Inclusion adviser

What a feel-good role! This is all about giving people great opportunities. As a local inclusion adviser you’ll help give more girls and volunteers access to development, challenge and adventure. You don’t need to have any previous experience of guiding to be a great fit for this role.

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Section adviser

As an expert on part of the Girlguiding programme, you'll answer queries on a particular section or activity. You'll also share your experience and knowledge with fellow volunteers.

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Outdoor activities adviser

If you're passionate about getting girls outdoors, then we need you as an outdoor activities adviser. You'll support and train fellow volunteers in the practical and logistical ways they can give girls more opportunities for adventure. You don’t need to have any previous experience of guiding to be a great fit for this role, but it’s best if you have good existing knowledge of outdoor activities.

Get the outdoor activities adviser role description.

Country or region international adviser

Within a network of other advisers, you'll work together to promote international opportunities to leaders and young members, and highlight the benefits that our unique worldwide organisation offers.

Get the country or region international adviser role description.

County international adviser

You'll support leaders in your county to offer exciting international opportunities to young members. As adviser, you'll provide practical support to members as they get involved in international guiding.

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Inspire county coordinator

Inspire county coordinators develop Girlguiding Inspire in their area, for members aged 18 to 30, making sure they feel supported, take part in opportunities and be empowered. You’ll work with your country and region coordinator and a network of county coordinators to shape and develop Girlguiding Inspire.

Get the Inspire county coordinator role description.

Inspire country and region coordinator

An Inspire country and region coordinator supports Girlguiding volunteers to shape Girlguiding Inspire for young adult members. You’ll work with county coordinators to help make sure there’s on-the-ground support to empower young women aged between 18 and 30 as Girlguiding Inspire grows.

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You'll offer new volunteers a warm welcome to Girlguiding. You'll be a friendly face and answer any questions a new volunteer might have and provide ongoing, informal support and guidance as required.

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District, division or county helper

Give your time flexibly at district, division or county level when an extra pair of hands are needed, or share a skill or passion you have with young members. You don't need to commit to regular meetings, and you don’t need to have any previous experience of guiding to be a great fit for this role.

Get the district, division or county helper role description.

Individual volunteer supporter

An individual volunteer supporter will always work with a supported volunteer. You'll carry out your regular volunteering role, and give individual support to another volunteer. You'll help by making adjustments at meetings and events, and tailor your support to their needs. You must be part of the same unit as the volunteer you support, and will need to have completed a safe space level 3. You don’t need to have any previous experience of guiding to be a great fit for this role. This role is paired with a supported volunteer role.

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Training and mentoring roles

Give your time to support the learning and development of members in your area. By helping others to gain skills and knowledge, you'll have a direct impact on our girls and the experiences they have in guiding.

These roles are suited to volunteers with previous experience of guiding.

Trainer or prospective trainer

Join hundreds of inspiring volunteers who help other members to learn. As a trainer, you will facilitate and deliver Girlguiding learning opportunities so that we are all providing quality guiding.

Trainer or prospective trainer role description.

Trainer qualification tutor

As a tutor you'll do rewarding work with our enthusiastic group of prospective trainers - those working towards their training qualification - to make sure they have the right skills to train others.

Trainer qualification tutor role description.


Be a friendly face - and much more - to a fellow volunteer as they train for one of our qualifications. As well as supporting them, you will also decide when they are qualified.

Mentor role description.

Leader in training coordinator

As a leader in training coordinator, you’ll work as part of a county team to support leaders in training. You’ll match them with their mentor and keep track of their progress as they train to be a leader.

Leader in training coordinator description.

Leadership qualification coordinator

Help volunteers in your area get the most out of our leadership training opportunities. Enjoy working with volunteers as they learn, and watch them succeed with your help.

Leadership qualification coordinator role description.

Trainer reviewer

As an experienced tutor, you will motivate other tutors to deliver high quality training and support them as they work with prospective trainers.

Trainer reviewer role description.

Leadership qualification verifier

Use your expert knowledge of our leadership training to verify qualifications submitted by leaders in training. Your contribution will make sure that we offer a consistent standard of mentoring support to members.

Leadership qualification verifier role description.

Trainer coordinator

In this role you'll be a point of contact for Girlguiding's impressive programme of training in your area. Responsibilities include making sure that our trainers get the right training for their role.

Trainer coordinator role description.

Trainer qualification coordinator

This role - for an experienced trainer - coordinates the training opportunities we offer to prospective trainers. This is an opportunity to share your knowledge with members in your area and offer support.

Trainer qualification coordinator role description.

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Admin and support roles

From accounts to keeping parents up-to-date, admin roles are at the heart of guiding. Share your professional skills and work as part of a team of volunteers dedicated to keeping things running in your area.

You don’t need to have any previous experience of guiding to be a great fit for these roles.

Unit administrator

As a unit administrator you’ll help a unit run from behind the scenes. This role can cover many different activities, and there’s a huge opportunity to make it your own.

Administrator role description.


This is a role for people who get things done. When you volunteer as secretary, you'll use your communication and organisational skills to support volunteers, parents and girls.

Secretary role description.

District assistant

Put your excellent organisational skills to good use as a district assistant. You'll provide administrative support to your local guiding district team and district commissioner.

District assistant role description.

Volunteer shop manager

Run a volunteer shop selling clothes and equipment for guiding. This role is a chance to meet some wonderful girls, volunteers and parents and to raise money for your area.

Volunteer shop manager role description.

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Recruitment and membership roles

Help us to grow guiding in a recruitment or membership management role.

From reaching out to new groups of girls to checking references for new volunteers, these roles make sure we can give more people the opportunity to be part of Girlguiding.

Membership growth coordinator

You'll be responsible for getting more volunteers and girls in your area involved in guiding. The coordinator organises other volunteers to help grow guiding by telling people about the opportunities we offer.

Membership growth coordinator role description.

ID verifier

Use your organisational skills to support new volunteers to get involved in Girlguiding. You'll be responsible for checking and verifying a volunteer’s identity documentation for criminal record checks during the recruitment process.

ID verifier role description.

Enquiry coordinator

Make sure that everyone who is interested in joining guiding in your area gets a warm welcome by helping to respond to their enquiries.

Enquiry coordinator role description.

GO coordinator

If you're confident using databases, then take on this role supporting members using GO in your area. You'll do the important job of keeping everything up-to-date and making sure that people are trained to use it. You’ll have training on how to use GO, and you don’t need to have any previous experience of guiding.

GO coordinator role description.

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Roles promoting Girlguiding

Spread the word about our great work to those outside Girlguiding.

Take on a volunteer role that raises awareness about our work and the impact we have. Many of these roles go well with other volunteer commitments.

You don’t need to have any experience of guiding to be a great fit for these roles. But it’s best if you have a good knowledge of who we are and what we do.

Promote us

Communications and PR adviser

Use your knowledge and understanding of communications and PR to promote us in your area, and help others in your team to use promotional material and opportunities more effectively. Get out there and tell the world about guiding.

Communications and PR adviser role description.


Help us collect and preserve our history. Your work will enable us to inspire new members through the stories of the girls and women who have gone before them.

Archivist role description.

Represent us


If you believe in the value of Girlguiding, then help tell more people about what we do. As an ambassador, you'll be our representative and work to raise our profile.

Ambassador role description.


Represent your local Girlguiding team as its president. Work together with other ambassadors to celebrate and recognise what's happening in your area.

President role description.

Vice president

Excellent people skills make you a top pick for vice president. You'll be a local ambassador for guiding and provide essential support to your area president.

Vice president role description.

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