Your progression as a volunteer

You can try out different roles in guiding during your time as a volunteer

How you progress during your time as a Girlguiding volunteer is up to you!

There are different reasons why you might move between roles as you progress as a volunteer. For example, you might want to:

  • Meet people in a new area
  • Gain varied experience or learn a specialist skill
  • Take on more responsibility in a management role.

Guiding offers many opportunities for personal development that match the time you have available and what you want to achieve.

If you're fulfilled in your current role or unit then there's no need to make a change. You're doing a great job so keep on making guiding happen!

Find your journey through guiding

Explore new roles and responsibilities as you progress as a volunteer.

Combine different roles

If you want to stay hands-on in your local unit but you're interested in learning something new then you can combine volunteer roles. This is a great way for a unit leader, assistant leader or helper to explore new aspects of guiding, for example as secretary or treasurer.

Some more roles to try: ID verifier, volunteer shop manager, GO coordinator

Be part of our training team

If you enjoy helping others to learn, you can study for your Training qualification and deliver training to members. Experienced trainers can also take on a Trainer qualification tutor role to inspire others. Working with adults as well as girls is fun and rewarding.

Some more roles to try: mentor, trainer reviewer, trainer coordinator

Work for your district, division, county or country/region

If you are interested in taking on more responsibility for guiding in your area, then consider a management role in your district, division or county, such as commissioner. It's a chance to use your experience to support others to deliver quality guiding and work with a skilled local team on various projects.

Some more roles to try: membership growth coordinator, comms and PR adviser, assistant commissioner