Equity, diversity and inclusion at Girlguiding

Girlguiding is for all girls.

We want Girlguiding to be a place where everyone is welcome and free to be themselves.

We want to be a place where everyone is welcome, is free to be themselves, and has an equal sense of belonging – whoever they are and wherever they’re from.Creating a fair and equitable environment for girls to thrive is important to us because when they’re out in the world, things aren’t always like that. Girls are limited by gender stereotypes and face barriers to accessing things they need to be safe and happy. Our units, programme and activities are a space where girls can be themselves, and where they are free to belong, explore and have fun. 

We know people face varying degrees and types of inequalities. That’s why we’re committed to creating an equitable space to give all girls and volunteers a sense of belonging. By doing this we'll be more open-minded, more creative, more curious and more confident. This is central to Girlguiding's vision. 

So to do this, we’re committed to making Girlguiding a home for all girls – whoever they are and wherever they are, and being representative of UK society. This includes people of colour, disabled people, neurodiverse people, children in care, carers, refugees and asylum seekers, older and younger people, LGBTQ+ people, parents, people at economic disadvantage, and people with a faith or belief that isn’t well represented in the guiding community.