Respect Makers

Feeling safe in a respectful world

We want to see a respectful world.

One where people don’t make fun of, hurt, or leave out others just because they’re different, or because they’re girls.

One where we’re able to express ourselves, both online and off, and feel safe when we do.

And one where everyone understands the importance of being kind to each other: online, at school, wherever we are.

We want girls to feel safe and supported as they grow up, and as our relationships change – knowing where we can get help when we need it, and not feeling ashamed if we do.

We should stop bullying! There's lots of it in my school. - Brownie

We'll make a difference together

We want everyone - including the people in charge - to pay attention to what we have to say. And we want them to join us in taking action to change things for the better.

  • End bullying and make sure everyone has the support they need if they are bullied.
  • No girl or woman should have to experience sexual harassment.
  • We want an end to sexist comments and unfair treatment, online and in everyday life.
  • All girls should feel free to express themselves and feel safe when they do, in all situations.

1,663 Rangers want to create a future where there’s no sexual harassment and no unhealthy or abusive relationships.