Groups affiliated with us

The Trefoil Guild, Student Scout and Guide Clubs and other groups that work closely with Girlguiding

Groups that are connected to Girlguiding in an official way

The Scout Association and Girlguiding, although separate organisations, share a common founder and have similar aims and principles. Cooperation between the two is encouraged at all times and at all levels.

Find out more about our history and how we refused to believe the adventure of Scouting was 'just for boys'.

The Trefoil Guild is part of Girlguiding but has a separate constitution and is independently administered. The Trefoil Guild office is situated within the Girlguiding Headquarters building

The aim and objectives of The Trefoil Guild are:

  • to give practical, financial and moral support to Guiding and Scouting
  • to keep alive among members the spirit of the Guide and Scout Promises and Laws
  • to carry that spirit into the communities in which members live and work.

Contact the Trefoil Guild Central Office

The Trefoil Guild Central Office
Tel: 020 7834 6242 ext 3010


The Trefoil Guild Council and Executive make policy decisions but are guided by decisions of Girlguiding’s Board of Trustees.

The Chairman of The Trefoil Guild is appointed by the Chief Guide, on the recommendation of the Chief Guide after consultation with Country and Region Trefoil Guild Chairmen, for a term of five years.


  • Full membership - is open to anyone aged 18 or over who has been a member of Girlguiding or The Scout Association or who makes the Guide or Scout Promise.
  • Associate membership - is open to anyone aged 18 or over who holds either a Leader’s or Scouter’s unit appointment or a Commissioner’s or Assistant Commissioners’s appointment in either Girlguiding or The Scout Association.
  • Affiliate membership - is open to anyone aged 18 or over who has not made the Guide or Scout Promise but who subscribes to the aims and principles of the two Associations.

Women and men who are members of The Trefoil Guild will have corporate membership of Girlguiding and also of WAGGGS without paying an extra subscription.

The Trefoil Guild has its own badge, range of clothing and magazine.


The Trefoil Guild is financially self-supporting.

Each Guild, County, Country and Region is responsible for its own finances. Every member of The Trefoil Guild pays an annual subscription to the Guild, the amount of which is agreed each year by the Executive Committee and recommended to the Council for approval.

There may also be local subscriptions which are collected at the same time as the annual subscription. Further details about the Trefoil Guild may be found in the Trefoil Guild Handbook, available from the Trefoil Guild office and on the Trefoil Guild website.

Student Scout and Guide Clubs are set up in colleges of further and higher education, universities and similar establishments. They provide a framework for students to maintain, renew or acquire contact with Guiding and Scouting.

The aim of the Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) is to:

  • promote Student Scout and Guide Clubs
  • provide a forum for discussion on matters affecting its affiliated clubs. SSAGO is officially recognised by Girlguiding and is an associate organisation of The Scout Association.

All Clubs must:

  • affiliate to SSAGO
  • be self-financing
  • pay the annual affiliation fee to SSAGO.

A member of a Student Scout and Guide Club does not wear guidewear, but those who are also members of Girlguiding may wear the SSAGO badge when in guidewear.


All members of a Student Scout and Guide Club must comply with the activity and safety rules of Girlguiding and The Scout Association.

With the approval of the Board of Trustees of Girlguiding, an organisation existing for the training of girls and young women may include or adopt guiding as part of its programme. With the approval of its own governing body it may be recognised as an affiliated organisation of Girlguiding. Units formed under this arrangement are normally sponsored by the organisation or its local representative(s).

Affiliated organisations may recommend to the Board of Trustees of Girlguiding one of their members, who is also a Leader or Commissioner:

  • for appointment as Director of Guiding
  • to be responsible within her organisation for ensuring that it adheres to the policies of Girlguiding.

At present, the only other affiliated organisation of Girlguiding is The Salvation Army.

Salvation Army units

Salvation Army guiding members are affiliated with Girlguiding while remaining under the administration of the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army guiding members are governed by the policies of Girlguiding and by Orders and Regulations for Leaders of Salvation Army Affiliated Units in the United Kingdom.

Area director

The nomination of an area director for guiding is made by the divisional commander to Territorial Headquarters. An area director is responsible, under the divisional youth officer, for the extension and development of guiding throughout the division.

The area director’s duties are to:

  • maintain a link with County, Division and District Commissioners.
  • visit each unit in the Division (see Orders and Regulations for Leaders of Salvation Army Affiliated Units in the United Kingdom).

Girlguiding is affiliated to the following organisations:

For further information, including affiliation numbers, contact Girlguiding Headquarters. Details of local affiliations can be obtained from country or region offices.