Girlguiding is a member of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) - the largest women's organisation in the world

Being part of WAGGGS opens up possibilities around the world for Girlguiding members

WAGGGS supports girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. Girlguiding is proud to be part of this diverse movement with ten million members across 150 countries in five regions worldwide.

Citizens of the world

As a member of Girlguiding and WAGGGS, girls and volunteers have great adventures. They can visit World Centres in London, India, Mexico, Switzerland or across Africa and make the most of international volunteering opportunities and education programmes.

WAGGGS is here to support girls and young women to:

  • learn about themselves and their world
  • develop leadership skills
  • bring about change in their communities
  • form lifelong friendships.

Bringing together guiding and girl scouting worldwide

WAGGGS is the largest voluntary movement dedicated to girls and young women in the world. It was founded in 1928 as the umbrella organisation for guiding and girl scouting associations around the world. Today WAGGGS has links with many other organisations, including the United Nations.

All national Member Organisations accept the basic principles and values of guiding as expressed in the Promise and Law, which vary from country to country. Member Organisations support the self-development of girls and young women through education and advocacy programmes that are specific to their region.

Opportunities with WAGGGS 

There's lots of opportunities to get involved with WAGGGS and guiding around the world. Opportunities vary year to year, but read below some stories of members who have attended WAGGGS events in the past. 

  • Stop the Violence, Rwanda - lead by WAGGGS, members from all across the world came together to discuss strategies for ending violence against girls.
  • Rio+ 20, Brazil - at this historic UN conference on sustainable development, members debated how to reduce poverty and ensure environmental protection.
  • 57th UN Commission on the Status of Women, USA - women's organisations, government delegates and NGOs discussed sexism and inequality.
  • Juliette Low Seminar: Spirit of Women Leading, Mexico - peers from 37 countries met at Our Cabana to develop leadership skills, preparing them for national and international responsibilities.

You can find out about current WAGGGS opportunities on the events and opportunities finder, through your country/ region or on the WAGGGS website.


What WAGGGS are up to

Head to the WAGGGS website to learn about their projects and events.