Ways of volunteering

Whether you’re new to guiding or have been involved before, we offer a huge range of rewarding and fun opportunities

There are a myriad of ways you can get involved.

Our volunteering opportunities can fit around your skills, commitments and interests. You don't need to have been involved in guiding before to make a big difference and find a role that's perfect for you.

Volunteering with guiding groups

Whether leading a unit, or helping out more casually, you'll run activities, games, projects and events that give girls the opportunity to discover their potential and the world around them.

If you'd like to lead a guiding group, you'll be supported to complete our Leadership Qualification, with training on everything from planning your programme to child safety.

These roles are perfect for you if you:

  • want to join or start a unit
  • can support girls on a weekly basis - giving you the opportunity to see them grow and develop
  • are happy to get stuck in - you'll be helping girls with a range of exciting, adventurous and often messy activities
  • seek a highly rewarding role where you'll develop great relationships with your team and your girls.

Roles include: unit leader, assistant leader, unit helper.

Taking on a supporting role

If you aren’t able to volunteer on a regular basis, you can still make an impact in a supporting role. No commitment is too small - every role is vital to running our charity.

These roles are perfect for you if you are:

  • not able to give time every week
  • only able to help out casually
  • keen to share a specialist skill such as photography, administration or managing a shop.

Roles include: secretary, treasurer, photographer, volunteer shop manager.

Making guiding happen - specialist roles

If you're already involved in guiding and keen to progress - or if you'd like to get involved at a national or regional level - we have specialist volunteer roles to take you further on your guiding journey.

Specialist roles are perfect for you if you are:

  • keen to help coordinate guiding across the country
  • interested in taking on a structured role that reflects your skills in a specialist area
  • interested in supporting and managing other volunteers by becoming a local commissioner or mentor.

Roles include: trainer coordinator, outdoor activities adviser, communications and PR adviser.

Volunteer and make a difference

Work with young people, gain voluntary experience and develop skills from first aid to fundraising. It’s time to get involved with Girlguiding

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