Uniform and clothing

Our uniform is an important way to show that we're one united group that all girls can join

Why we have a uniform.

Having a uniform gives all our members sense of belonging and pride in being part of our charity. It unites us all across across communities and backgrounds.

Wearing uniform is a guiding tradition that is still relevant today. It helps bring people together. We should always remember that it isn't the uniform that defines a Girlguiding member, it is living the Promise and Law.

Rather than having one set uniform we have a flexible approach, so that every member has a choice in the clothing that they wear – whether they are a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Ranger or an adult volunteer.

Our uniform ranges are developed with input from our members and designed for active girls and women.

Clothing to match the weather and activity

Our uniform guidelines for each age group explain what uniform should be worn when. Put simply, it's all about wearing clothing that is appropriate for the weather and activity. Sometimes this means official uniform and at other times casual wear.

Uniform for formal events

We have a formal uniform to wear at formal events, such as an official reception, or an occasion where you are representing Girlguiding externally. At these events it's important that you present a professional and smart image on behalf of Girlguiding.

What is non-uniform?

The following items are not considered uniform, however this is not an exhaustive list.

Non-uniform items can be worn as casual wear, such as at camps or events, when you are not representing Girlguiding to the general public.

  • Woven trefoil badges as a Promise badge
  • Rainbow tabards
  • Old Guide uniform designs
  • The Jeff Banks range of uniform from the 1990s
  • Navy or white adult polo shirts with the old Trefoil design
  • Pink and white striped adult shirt
  • Centenary polo shirt
  • Big Brownie Birthday T-shirt and hoodie
  • Locally produced clothing
  • Event clothing

Redesigning our uniform 

For the first time in over 30 years, we're redesigning our whole uniform range. It's an exciting opportunity to help us grow and thrive, and we're committed to making sure the new uniform is affordable, sustainable, distinctive, comfortable, and shows who we are. The new range will be available in 2026, and there'll be a transition period after it's introduced. We don't want or expect everyone to buy the new range straight away.

We are documenting the process of co-designing and making the new range on our uniform hub. Check there for updates, stories, and information about how we're working with girls and volunteers to make a uniform that every member feels proud to wear. 

Guide wear around the world

British Girlguiding Overseas might wear Girlguiding uniform or they might adapt or design suitable guiding wear for their members. The clothing should suit the climate and customs of the country concerned.

Any changes to our uniform, or new designs, need to be approved by the chief commissioner for British Girlguiding Overseas (BGO).