Inclusive uniform

We take a flexible approach to uniform with guiding wear choices for all members of Girlguiding

How to make sure that our uniform includes all girls.

Girlguiding is a uniformed organisation but girls should not be prevented from joining because of it.

We provide girls with a choice of uniform items so that they can find something that is right for them. Our shop team may be able to produce some items to meet individual needs.

Members from low income background

Some members from low income backgrounds may struggle with the initial cost of a uniform.

Your unit or local area could run a uniform recycling scheme to make sure that girls have access to uniform when they start. Get more guidance about supporting members from low income backgrounds with costs such as uniform. 

Uniform for additional needs

Our shop may be able to create larger or smaller sized uniforms for disabled girls or girls with long-term conditions.

Some members may have a Sensory Processing Disorder which makes wearing the uniform physically uncomfortable. Or a member may struggle with parts of the uniform, such as buttons or zips. To support these members

  • discuss with them, and their parent where appropriate, what you can do - such as wearing uniform over other clothing.
  • the member could choose to find some clothing in the right colour to wear instead.

Uniform outside of standard sizes

If significantly larger or smaller uniform is needed (with measurements outside of our standard sizes by more or less than 5cm), we might be able to create uniform to meet these requirements.

Uniform for individual needs

For any queries relating to uniform sizing, or creating uniform outside of standard sizes then contact our  team.

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