Growth and recruitment

Information on recruiting new volunteers

Recruiting and retaining girls and volunteers in your area

Growth and recruitment are vital at all levels of guiding – from welcoming more young members to finding passionate new volunteers.

We have detailed advice and inspiration for every stage of recruitment, including how to welcome new volunteers, and we’ve created a recruitment toolkit to help you and the leaders you work with.

You can work with your team to create a recruitment strategy for your area.

Things to consider are:

  • Are there places that need to recruit girls as well as volunteers?
  • Where is there a shortage of volunteers, and why?
  • Are there other roles available for volunteers who don’t want to become leaders
  • Are there roles in your area where someone might be retiring or leaving soon, or roles where the appointment is due to end?

You might want to delegate some areas of recruitment to other commissioners. For example, division commissioners could appoint district commissioners as they’ll have a better understanding of what their division needs.

Even if tasks have been delegated you should still be aware of recruitment needs for the entire county and kept up to date about how recruitment is progressing.

You can find resources to support you in appointing district and division commissioners in our resources for commissioners.