Girls are leaders in promoting social action through the #iwill campaign

Social action is part of Girlguiding's DNA

We play a key role in the #iwill campaign by getting girls involved in youth social action in the UK.

As a girl in Girlguiding, it's likely that you will already be doing social action through community action, peer education, fundraising or by using your voice to influence change.

Girls are becoming social action leaders as #iwill ambassadors

The #iwill campaign is represented by 50 inspirational young ambassadors - including girls from Girlguiding! They are all 10 to 20 years old, and are leading fantastic social action in their communities.

As part of the campaign, Girlguiding has pledged to engage:

  • more volunteers to enable more girls to join
  • more girls in social action in their local communities through the guiding programme
  • more girls as advocates for change
  • over 50,000 more girls aged 10 to 20 as a powerful force for good in their communities by 2020.

About the #iwill campaign

#iwill is a UK-wide campaign helping more young people make a difference in their communities through social action, including activities like campaigning, fundraising and volunteering. Youth social action has a double benefit – it helps build communities and develops character strengths and life skills in young people. Many business, education, voluntary and public sector organisations have pledged to spread the word about the benefits of youth social action and create more opportunities for young people to get involved.

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Our #iwill pledge

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting girls to engage in quality youth social action, we have renewed our pledge for the final two years of the #iwill campaign.

Youth social action is embedded in our offer for girls and young women and we’ll continue to develop how we support girls to take action in line with #iwill’s ‘five ways to embed youth social action’.

This includes:

  1. Prioritising the growth of quality as well as scale and reach of youth social action opportunities. For example, the Take Action theme of our programme is all about how girls can learn about and take social action in guiding.
  2. Measuring quality, scale, reach and impact of youth social action. For example, more of the opportunities we offer will meet #iwill’s six principles of quality youth social action. And we'll focus on measuring the impact of girls’ action with girls.
  3. Developing sustainable partnerships. For example, our young members will be supported to continue to nurture and build local connections and partnerships in their communities through our Action for Change project - and a whole range of local guiding activities.
  4. Promoting and celebrating young people. We’ll continue to create spaces for girls’ voices to be heard in the media and by decision makers, to support girls’ digital takeovers on social media, and to celebrate girls’ action through case studies and in the media.
  5. Empowering young people into leadership roles. Girls lead at many levels in guiding. We’ll also continue to develop our youth panels to make sure girls have their say in the decision-making of Girlguiding.
Deborah Mansell

Deborah Mansell Girlguiding #iwill ambassador 2015

Social action has changed my life for the better. It has given me the opportunity to make lifelong friends, develop in confidence, try new things and learn new things about who I am. I want other young people to realise by giving a little how much they can gain. It has the power to change your life path around.