How you can get involved

We all have a role to play in our sustainability journey

To become a sustainable movement, we'll all need to work together to do our part.

Our commitment to sustainability will see us make improvements over several years. Change will be slow and steady. It’ll take place across lots of different parts of our organisation.

Lots of good work is going on already across Girlguiding. For now, here are some activities and resources to help you explore environmental topics. They’ll help you to reflect on your own thoughts around the plan, or use parts of our programme to help girls talk and think about environmental issues.

Our research

Take a look at our research on girls’ attitudes to climate change.

Take our survey

  • Environment project survey - let us know your thoughts and what you’d like to see from Girlguiding to help us be more sustainable. The information you give us will help to shape our environmental plan.

Blogs and quizzes

Fun articles to help you take the conversation further.

Environmental activities

Ideas and resources for activities focused on the environment, both at home and with your unit.

Unit activities

Environmental interest badges

These badges support girls to act on climate change at home while having fun.

Training pack

  • Generation Green Outdoor Training Pack - training to support Girlguiding volunteers in offering outdoor opportunities to young members. Includes activity ideas, suggested equipment and links to useful resources.