Giving girls the confidence to try new fruit and vegetables and become ‘Cheat on Meat’ champions

What we eat isn’t just important for our own health, but the health of the planet too.

That’s why, together with Knorr®, we’re encouraging girls to try new flavours, consider meat-free alternatives to their favourite dishes and enjoy healthier, more mouth-watering meals. 

Knorr® are on a mission to get the UK to ‘Cheat on Meat’. And through our partnership, we’ll be challenging all our members to try new meat-free recipes. Even if it’s just for 1 day a week!

When we asked girls aged 7-21 for their reasons for eating less or no meat, 24% said it was to help animals, and 21% said it was to help the environment.

But we know girls want more opportunities in their daily lives to make a difference.

How we're working together

Thanks to Knorr®’s expertise in flavour and scratch cooking, we’ll be inspiring girls to try new fruit, vegetables and recipes that they’ve never had before.

And because it’s never too early to start learning about the food we’re eating, Knorr® are sponsoring the fruit and veg interest badge for Rainbows.

They’ll learn practical tips, get excited about trying new flavours and feel inspired to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home.

There are plenty of ways our members of all ages can get involved - whether that’s eating more seasonally and sustainably, picking out new fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, or having a go at growing your own.

There’s so much to get stuck into, you won’t be-leaf it! And Knorr® have got plenty of useful tips and recipe ideas to support.

Feeling inspired? Knorr® have created a badge booster activity for girls who have earned their fruit and veg badge. A copy of it will be sent to units when they order their fruit and veg badges from our shop, or you can download it here.

About Knorr®

Knorr® is the nation’s favourite flavour maker* and has been since we launched in the UK in 1949. 

At Knorr® we are very passionate about flavour and helping the UK make mouth-watering meals that everyone will love day in day out. The fact is in the UK our diets need some TLC, with most people eating the same four to five meals each week and two pieces of meat to one portion of vegetables on average!

So we are on a mission to help Britain make better food choices that are better for our health, wallets and the planet by 'Cheating on Meat' - which is simply eating meat-free meals more often! 

We have no beef with beef and we don’t want you to either. But we know eating meat-free even just once a week can have a HUGE impact.  

Plus, sustainability is at the heart of Knorr®, so you can rest assured that every time you buy one of our products you are supporting a better food future for people and the planet. Our flavour expertise means you will never compromise on taste either!

For more information visit our website and check out our Cheat on Meat Calculator.

Source: *Nielsen data GB Total Coverage Stocks Category MAT 16-07.-22