Benefits of partnering with us

We’ve got more in common than you might think

Why should you partner with us?

Like you, we’re in tune with our customers

Girlguiding can introduce your organisation and brand to our 320,000 members. We make it a priority to understand the challenges girls and young women face and what they care about.

Like you, we’re quick to respond and evolve

We’ve been around for over 100 years but we’re the opposite of old-fashioned – we shape our programme to respond to what girls say they need most.

Like you, we’re unafraid to tread new ground

We dare to do things differently and challenge preconceptions about what girls can and can’t do. Young women who believe they can achieve whatever they want are more likely to actually do so. Then they will take on roles in industries where female leadership and capabilities are urgently needed.

Like you, we’re alive to new opportunities

A partnership with Girlguiding is about so much more than basic brand promotion. The qualities you want to see in the workplace – leadership, vision, confidence, team-building – are exactly the qualities we nurture in girls and young women.

Whether you’re looking to develop your staff’s existing skills, help them acquire new ones, or simply give them a fantastic day out of the office, we can tailor a partnership package that’s exactly right for you.

Get involved

Contact our Partnerships Team on 020 7592 1821 or email us.