Volunteer clothing and uniform

What volunteers should wear to show that they belong to Girlguiding

Adults in guiding wear a uniform - to show their pride in being part of our charity and to act as a role model for girls.

There are different uniforms for leaders and other volunteers.

What our volunteers wear

All unit leaders should have a uniform top and this can be worn with appropriate bottoms for the occasion.

Our uniform tops come in a range of different styles, including hoodies, polo shirt, formal blouses and maternity options. You can see the full range in our online shop.

Unit helpers and other volunteers who are not leaders can wear our member polo shirt or member fleece.

Young leaders uniform

We have a range  of uniform tops for young leaders - see all young leader items in our shop.

Young leaders who are also Rangers don't need to buy both sets of uniform if they don't want to. Instead they can wear their Rangers uniform with the young leader badge tab. If members wish to buy both uniforms, then they’re welcome to do so.

Formal uniform

For formal occasions, a uniform blouse, long sleeve or short sleeve, should be worn with a smart skirt or trousers in black or navy.

Members can choose to wear a navy suit of their own choice.

Wearing uniform in specialist roles

Trainers and prospective trainers should wear uniform when training within Girlguiding. If they are not a leader then they should wear members' wear. This sets the standard for our volunteers.

Commissioners should also wear uniform, unless inappropriate for the activity, as role models for leaders in their local area.

Neckerchiefs and scarves

There are two scarves that you can choose to wear with your uniform  – square tiled, and long tiled. These can be worn with a scarf ring or in a knot. Many members choose to wear these with their blouse for formal occasions.

Neckerchiefs are optional for all members, although adults shouldn't wear neckerchiefs with formal uniform. Neckchiefs can be chosen  from the range available in our shop.

At international events, the international neckerchief may be worn with the formal blouse. Or volunteers can wear the UK international neckerchief along with, or instead of, a national neckerchief for either Wales, Scotland or Ulster.

Badges and uniform

Members should follow these guidelines for displaying badges on their uniforms:

Promise badges - wear on a badge tab or on the left-hand side, closest to the heart.

Challenge and participation badges - adult members shouldn't sew these onto their uniform top.

Union Flag Badge - this badge should be worn at international events on the left shoulder of the uniform top.

How to wear the badge tab

All adults should wear badge tabs with the Girlguiding logo on.

Make sure your badge tab looks presentable. The tab can generally fit around five badges depending on their size. Only official Girlguiding badges should be worn on the badge tab, including badges for qualifications and awards, long service badges and role specific badges.

Members may choose to move badges onto a blanket or bucket hat when there is no more space on their badge tab.