Getting permission

How to get permission from parents when you're planning exciting activities for your girls

Planning activities for your girls? Here's how to get parental permission.

If participants are under 18, you need parental permission for any of the below:

  • Adventurous activities
  • Activities outside the usual meeting times
  • Activities away from the meeting place
  • Online and virtual unit meetings

How to get permission

Fill in Part I of the Information and consent for event/activity form (PDF) and then ask parents or carers to fill out Part II. This form must be completed by parents or carers when any members under the age of 18 are attending an event or doing an adventurous activity.

To make it easier, if you have multiple activities planned for the next term then list them all on the form. Include details of each activity, date, time, location and anything else parents and carers need to know. Once they have signed, you then have their permission for all activities that term.

Remember that if you add another activity to your programme for the term, you'll need to ask parents to fill out an extra form.

Be clear about whether any deposits or payments for activities or trips are refundable should the event not take place or their daughter decide not to participate. Read our advice on including members with low incomes.

Online guiding and virtual unit meetings

You need written permission from parents and carers for girls to be able to join online meetings. This is because it is an activity outside the unit meeting.

These consent forms can cover your programme for the term - you don't need a signed form for each online meeting.

These forms have been designed to be filled out remotely, so you don't need to meet with parents for their signatures and they can email the completed forms back to you. All instructions are included on the forms.

Check our Digital safeguarding policy and advice on safe online guiding before you start meeting online.

Photos and video

You need permission from parents and carers before taking pictures of members under 18. You should also ask the girls themselves before taking photos of them.

Parents and girls can share their consent for filming and photography on the new starter form and on GO.

Check our guidance on sharing photos and videos.

Do not make your own forms

Always use our official Girlguiding permission forms. Using your own forms will make it difficult for us to support you if there's an accident or incident.