Starting new young members

Download new starter forms and guidance to managing your GO enquiries

Got a girl who wants to begin her guiding journey? Parents or carers of girls joining guiding for the first time must start by registering their interest. 

Once they’ve done this, a GO record will be created for their child. You'll be able to use this system to manage their enquiry from their registered interest right up until they become a member and join a local unit. 

Managing new enquiries

In GO you’ll be able to see the contact details for the parents and carers of girls who've registered their interest in your unit.  

Make sure you provide a warm welcome and keep them up to date with what’s happening. Let them know how long their child is expected to be on your unit’s waiting list. When you’re contacting parents and carers, you’ll need to log all of your actions in GO - from making initial contact to inviting potential members to their first meeting.

Visit the help file in GO if there’s anything you’re not sure about. There are teams at every level of guiding who manage new enquiries. If you're not sure what you need to do, speak with your local commissioner. 

See our guide on how to manage your waiting list.

When a girl becomes a member

Once a girl has decided they want to join your unit, update this on GO and give their parent or carer the relevant new starter form to fill out and return to you. This form gathers more detailed information about the girl, including any access and dietary requirements, and their emergency contact details. 

You can download the section new starter forms you need below.

We’d recommend using the PDF version of these forms if you’re accessing on a mobile phone. Get in touch with [email protected] if you're still having issues.

Don’t forget, you can always check out our other unit forms if what you need isn’t on the list above. 

Welcoming new young members aged 14 and over 

Welcoming Rangers and other young members over 14 follows a similar process to starting a new Rainbow, Brownie or Guide. The difference is that they need to add and update their own details on GO. You still need to give their parent or carer the relevant form to complete and return. You should always make sure that the person who has legal responsibility for this member signs and completes the form too. 

Look forward to your unit growing! 

Once you’ve managed your initial enquiries and received the information you need from new joiners and their parents and carers, you can look forward to your unit growing! The next step is to make new girls feel comfortable and welcome with exciting activities or adventures tailored to their needs. 

We’ll also send parents and carers an online welcome pack which has everything they need to know about their child’s journey through guiding.  

Access more forms and documents 

If you need a document that you can’t find, our list of unit forms will be able to help.