Visitors to your meetings

Experts and enthusiasts can visit your meetings and help girls explore new topics - find out how to do this safely.

Whether it's an artist, a yoga teacher or even an astronomer - people outside guiding can help your unit learn and grow

It can be great fun to invite a visitor to join your unit, whether it's to run a skills session, talk about their work or bring some adorable animals to meet the girls. Here's everything you need to safely welcome visitors to your meetings.

Before you start organising a visitor

  • Check the credentials of the company or person – are they registered with an association or hold membership to an accredited association?  Remember to check and not just rely on the information given to you. In some cases you might want to contact the organisation for proof of membership.
  • Make sure that they're fully insured. Girlguiding’s insurance does not cover 3rd parties.
  • Find out if they hold a valid disclosure check, like DBS, or an equivalent reference check.
  • Complete a full risk assessment and share this with your unit team
  • Email this information to the visitor:
  • Check with your venue to make sure they allow the activity.
  • Organise any extra cleaning or hygiene measures where needed. For example, if your session involves animals or food preparation.
  • If you're having a visitor join a virtual meeting, share the joining details with them ahead of the meeting. Make sure you use a different password for each unit meeting.

When the visit starts

After the visit

  • Ensure the visitor has left the premises.
  • If there are any safeguarding concerns, allegations or disclosures, report them to your commissioner or HQ. Visitors to the unit should tell the unit leader if they have any concerns. Unless the concern involves the unit leadership team, in which case they need to contact our Safeguarding team.
  • If there's been an accident, report it and include the insurance details of the visitor involved.
  • Once photos have been used for their purpose, they'll need to be deleted from the device they were taken on.
  • Contact our Data protection team if there's a breach of the photo permissions.

Permission for taking photos

If your visitor wants to take photos during your meeting, then they need to tell you:

  • why they want to take photos
  • how they will be used
  • when they will be deleted

You can only allow visitors to take photos if they will benefit your unit and Girlguiding. If this isn't the case, you'll have to say no or contact [email protected] for advice.

If you do agree that they can take photos, you'll need to make sure you have the right consent from parents and carers.