What insurance cover is provided by Girlguiding and what cover you might need to arrange yourself

It's still essential that you’re covered by an appropriate insurance policy for the guiding activities you do.

All policies have their own terms and conditions, so get in touch if you have a specific query.  

Insurance provided by Girlguiding

We have some insurance that covers members, or anyone acting on behalf of Girlguiding, when they undertake a guiding activity.

  • Public liability policy: covers Girlguiding and its members if there are claims against them for damages or injury to a third party caused by their negligence.
  • Personal accident and medical expenses policy: covers members if they have an accident while guiding.
  • Employers' liability policy: covers Girlguiding if an employee at any level is injured.

These policies include guiding activities involving boats, canoes and watercraft and commercial flying. They don’t cover activities involving private flying or flying clubs.

Who’s covered?

The people covered by the Girlguiding's insurance policies are:

  • Girlguiding and all its members, prospective members and supporters.
  • Units, districts, divisions, counties, countries and regions and Friends of Guiding.
  • Any employee of Girlguiding.
  • Members visiting foreign countries, whether they’re nationals of the country or not.
  • Any person who’s not acting as a member of another organisation and is authorised to oversee, supervise or assist in guiding activities.
  • Children, while their parents and carers are involved in guiding activities.
  • Girlguiding members of Student Scout and Guide Organisations.
  • The Guide Association Trust Corporation.
  • Non-members, while involved in guiding activities.
  • The Trefoil Guild.
  • Voluntary and part-time instructors, while working for Girlguiding.

Members don’t have to be in guiding wear for the policy cover to operate, but they must follow all rules and policies associated with the activities they are doing. If they aren’t, any claim may be invalidated.

What isn’t covered by our insurance?

Girlguiding policies don’t cover:

  • Aviation activities, such as gliding or parascending. Activity providers are required to provide insurance cover for these, so check our activity guidance for information.
  • Personal belongings.
  • Any prohibited activities.

Before you sign a contract to undertake activities or hire a venue, please make sure you read and fully understand the terms. You might be agreeing to liability on behalf of Girlguiding in terms of duties or responsibilities which wouldn’t be covered by our public liability insurance. If you have any concerns about the terms of a contract, please contact the insurance team.

What other insurance might you need for your guiding role?

It’s likely that you'll need to take out some other insurance policies to carry out guiding activities. For example:

All insurance policies have their own terms and conditions so get in touch if you have a specific query.