Members' accident benefit scheme and personal accident policy

Our personal accident or medical expenses policy covers you in case you have an accident

You can claim medical and other expenses if you have an accident doing guiding activities.

We have 2 policies that provide cover. There’s a members' accident benefit scheme to cover incidental expenses and a personal accident policy for permanent serious injuries. These policies cover members, or anyone acting on behalf of Girlguiding, when they undertake a guiding activity.

Members' accident benefit scheme

Girlguiding’s members’ accident benefit scheme is a discretionary fund for members to pay for certain expenses not covered by insurance policies. It covers expenses resulting from an accident or incident while taking part in guiding activities, including:

  • Medical expenses arising out of an accident, such as wheelchair hire and prescription charges.
  • Travel and incidental expenses.
  • Personal items and clothing if they’re damaged because of an accident.
  • Professional counselling .
  • Dental treatment because of an accident. Please get consent from Girlguiding and have professional reports from a dentist.
  • Private medical expenses, but only if treatment isn’t available on the NHS. Private treatment must be with Girlguiding's approval.

These are payable up to a maximum sum outlined in the members’ accident benefit scheme document. Download the members’ accident benefit scheme document.

What doesn't the members' accident benefit scheme include?

The policy doesn’t cover:

  • The loss or theft of personal possessions including personal items, clothing and money.
  • Travel insurance and incidental expenses such as cancellation of holidays, child-minding expenses, or illness. This needs to be covered under a travel insurance policy, household policy or separate cover. A travel insurance policy must be arranged for every trip abroad with guiding.

How to claim against the members' accident benefit scheme

The insurance department should be notified of any accidents or incidents using the notification of accident or incident form. We can’t accept any claims without a form.

If your accident is eligible for the benefit scheme, you’ll receive a claim form and copy of the scheme with your accident acknowledgement letter. Receipts and supporting information will be required for every item being requested. The completed form and documentation need to be sent back to the Insurance department. If you didn't receive a claim form but think that your accident qualifies, please contact the insurance team.

Personal accident policy

We have a personal accident policy which covers members, or anyone acting on behalf of Girlguiding, when they undertake a guiding activity. This covers permanent injuries incurred during guiding activities including travel to and from the activity.

What does the personal accident policy cover?

The policy provides benefits in the event of:

  • Death
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Loss of limbs
  • Temporary total disablement
  • Loss of sight and hearing

How to claim against the personal accident policy

If you suffered a permanent injury and want to make a claim against this policy, contact the insurance team for more information. Claims need to be made within a 12-month period of the accident.

Contact our insurance team

For more information, please contact our insurance team, either by phoning 0845 260 1053 or by emailing [email protected].