Insurance information for property managers

Make sure the space you run is properly covered

It’s important to make sure that the space you run is properly covered by insurance.

We provide some policies that will cover your building, but there are some things you’ll need to take out yourselves.

What policies do we provide?

The policies that Girlguiding provides for your property are:

You’ll need to display an up-to-date copy of these policies in your property for all users to see. 

What policies will I need to take out?

There are many policies that you could take out depending on your property, for example, you might need a motor policy if you have a ride-on lawnmower, cover for stock if you have a depot, or cover for loss or damage to boats and equipment. You may also want to consider a trustee liability insurance policy.

If your Girlguiding group owns a property (including if the legal title is held by The Guide Association Trust Corporation), you will need to arrange buildings and contents insurance yourselves. 

This is because our public liability insurance covers claims of negligence but does not cover damage to property and contents. For example, if a roof tile fell off a Girlguiding property and injured a passer-by, our public liability insurance would cover a claim made against the property by the passer-by. It would not however cover the cost of repairing the roof.

If your group rents its property under a lease, you will need to look at the terms of your lease to see if you or your landlord is responsible for arranging insurance for the building and take action accordingly.

If you arrange a policy, it must be in the name of the guide group (or in the case of a joint Scout and Guide hut, in both names). If your property is held by The Guide Association Trust corporation, that must also be added to the policy as an interested party. Under some leases, you might also need to include the landlord on the policy.

You can take out insurance with any reputable insurance company, although Girlguiding has a partnership with Unity Insurance Services who can provide these policies. 

As you are covered by our public liability insurance, you can take out a property policy which does not include it, so check the content of your policy carefully.

We can't check the contents of every policy, but if you have any questions about the cover contact our Insurance team on [email protected]

You need to keep your insurers informed of any changes at your property. So, if you start hiring it out to different groups, running different activities or put in new equipment, do make sure that you let them know as they might have some questions and may need to extend the cover.