What to do before guiding starts again

A checklist for parents and carers as a new term starts

09 August 2022

A new school year is starting and lots of units are kicking off their autumn term.

We’ve put together a list of five things to think about before the girl in your care returns to guiding after the summer holidays.

Get in touch with the group’s leader

Let your leader know whether the girl in your care is planning on going back to guiding meetings in the new term. If she’s going back, this helps the leader plan sessions more easily. If she’s not, then it means the leader can invite a someone on the waiting list to join the unit, and experience all the fun that Girlguiding has to offer.

Are your details up to date?

Have you moved house or changed your mobile number? Log into GO, our membership database, to update your details. If you haven’t got a log in, or you can’t remember your details, click on the buttons on the sign-in page. You can also check all your personal details are correct, including your emergency details. If you need to update or add details about a medical situation, for example allergies, you can add this too. Don’t forget to let her leader know so the leader can plan for any support your girl may need.

Check you have everything you need

Does her uniform still fit? Now that lots of units are meeting face to face again, this is a great opportunity to check out what the Girlguiding shop has to offer. You’ll find all the uniform you need plus lots of other fun accessories, including books and handbooks.

Our uniform gives everyone in guiding a sense of belonging and pride in being part of our organisation, and there are a range of options so that every girl can feel comfortable. Check out uniform information for parents to learn more about what’s available.

Tally up what badges your Rainbow, Brownie or Guide has earned over the summer

If your Rainbow, Brownie or Guide has been working through some interest badges over the summer, be sure to record everything she’s done. This will help their leader to track the progress that she has made towards earning her theme awards - and maybe even a bronze, silver or gold award!

Have you got new girls wanting to join?

If you already have a daughter or girl in guiding and want to register another young person, log into GO and click on ‘My daughters’ and then ‘register daughter’. You’ll only need to add the child’s name, date of birth and unit.

Do you want to volunteer?

If you want to volunteer, we’d love to have you. Come and join the fun by logging into your GO account and this time click on ‘My Enquiries’ and complete the rest of the form to join.

We hope the girl in your care has a fantastic guiding year. We’re really excited to get back to meeting after a relaxing summer break!